T.O. angling to get run out of Philly

In terms of skill/numbers I still have to go


I''m glad you put Ward in there. I love the way he plays. Course I''m a homer for the Steelers anyhow.

I overlooked this...but another WR who had a great year last year is holding out..

Jevon Walker for GB..

guess who his agent is?

Yeah I have a bias against asshats myself - freely admit it. Even if they are skilled asshats.

Hines Ward talking about his contract extension

""There''s nothing I can do,"" Ward said yesterday as he and the rest of the Steelers prepare for the start of a mandatory three-day minicamp tomorrow. ""They''re talking to my agent and stuff like that. It''s out of my control. I still have to go out here and perform. I''m busting my tail and worrying about getting better. I''ll let my agent and the Steelers talk about my contract.""
""It''s a business,"" Ward said. ""Last year it was me not understanding the situation. But players come and go, you have to understand that aspect. You can''t tell somebody how to run their business.""

Well, here''s one loudmouth losing his job.

""We appreciate everything Freddie has contributed to the Eagles organization over the last four years,"" coach Andy Reid said. ""By releasing him now, it gives him the opportunity for a new start with another team in the NFL.""

Mitchell, picked in the first round out of UCLA in 2001, made more news off the field than on it, labeling himself with a seemingly endless list of self-promoting nicknames like ""The People''s Champ,"" ""FredEx,"" and ""First-Down Freddie."" Before the Super Bowl, Mitchell offended some Patriots when he dissed their secondary in an ESPN interview.

Mitchell said he just knew the numbers -- not the names -- of New England''s cornerbacks. He singled out Rodney Harrison, saying he ""has something"" for the veteran strong safety. Mitchell also called out New England coach Bill Belichick.

Unhappy over his role as the slot receiver and overshadowed by Terrell Owens, Mitchell criticized his teammates for not backing him up when he trashed talked the Patriots and blasted Donovan McNabb for lacking confidence in him as a go-to receiver.

Mitchell was told not to come to Philadelphia''s first mandatory mini-camp last week.

""I told him I did not want him here,"" Reid said.

Drew Rosenhaus also represents Marcus Stroud, and Stroud was wanting a big contract extension from the Jags this offseason.

Well, they did the deal, well before minicamps. Stroud''s the highest paid DT in the league now (and deservingly so), but the deal wasn''t TOO high.

I think a lot has to do with the player. If the guy wants to break the bank, Rosenhaus will facilitate that. If the guy wants a worthy deal but isn''t wanting to bleed his team dry, Rosenhaus can make that happen too.