The Contender thread

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Sergio wins! Sergio wins! Thanks for proving me wrong, Sergio, with more punching power than I thought that lanky body could possibly carry.

I had the fight 5 rounds to 1, with an even round in the 6th. I thought it was funny when, in the beginning of the 7th, they started talking about the possibility of a draw (so I guess they saw an even round somewhere too). The judges didn't call an even round, but they scored it much more strongly for Mora than Ray or Sly made it out to be during the fight. One judge called it 7 straight rounds for Mora, 70-63! What I do know is that there wasn't a single round in which you could say, "Peter DEFINITELY won that round". But I gave him the 3rd.

My scorecard:
R1: Mora 10-9
R2: Mora 10-9
R3: Manfredo 10-9
R4: Mora 10-9 (first DECISIVELY won round)
R5: Mora 10-9
R6: Even 10-10
R7: Mora 10-9
Total: Mora 69 - 65

The man they call... "The Latin Snake...!"

God, I wanted Peter to win. But Sergio won convincingly.

Yay!, I got cable installed just in time.

Bronze fight: I wonder if Gomez broke one of Brinkley's ribs, the last two rounds Brinkley seemed to go into a constant crouching defensive posture. Was pleased though that Gomez won, Jesse rubbed me the wrong way for some reason.

Mora vs. Manfredo, was not a great looking fight as far as boxing goes, but was a fun fight. I gave Manfredo the first and third, but alot of the rounds were close. While I would have liked to have seen a 10 round fight, and you never know what would have happened, it certainly looked like Mora was in increasing control of the fight at the end. I would have loved to have seen more replays, especially at the end, where at least live it appeared Manfredo was almost out on his feet at the bell.

I really wish they had a proper crew calling the fights though. The constant pimping of the webisight, plus sly calling for a rematch begining in the second round, was all very distracting. It was a fun fight, but Stalone was exagerating just a wee bit when he called it the fight of the year.

To be honest - I would take Sly over Jim Lampley and Larry Merchant any day. Sly sounded a lot more like a friend on the couch next to you than a pompus commentator. I hate commentators who feel the need to tell you exactly what's going on as you're watching it happen.

Very funny write up of the Contender finale at ESPN.

Sergio was one of the lowest ranked fighters in the contest, languishing in the depths of the middleweight class. Now he has bested two legitimate top-20 middleweights. The show really did find a contender from the sea of obscurity. If it had been Ishe vs. Manfredo (especially if Manfredo didn't lose initially), then it wouldn't have really discovered anyone.

Now Sergio's #8 in I'm real interested to see where Ring Magazine puts him (lower, no doubt, but somewhere)

By the way, more Contender, kinda: July 5th will see a Vegas card featuring Contender contestants.

Though that might not be all either. From another news article bit on FightNews:

Is this the end for "The Contender?" Not according to reality TV kingpin Mark Burnett. "I'm totally committed to this," he said last night. "And OK, if NBC doesn't want to do this, we'll go somewhere else!" Stay tuned...

The show might not be destined for network TV forever, but you can't tell me there isn't a place for this on cable TV. This one succeeded because they went and found some real boxers, and very few scrubs. At it's best, it's a high-profile way of getting the cream to the top. Obviously Sergio did not belong below a couple hundred other middleweights, but it would've taken years, if ever, for him to claw his was up to where he is now.