NFL Draft 2005: Day 1 + Day 2 too

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Holy sh*t Legion, you have actually researched, and given analysis on all 50-odd picks so far of this snorefest? Kudos man, kudos.

I''ve done this sort of thing since I was a kid. Used to just be sitting in front of the TV with pencil and paper, writing down what happened and such. Way back before the Interweb. Now there''s so much information available, it''s great.

Looks like TB traded a 6th round pick to Cleveland for a Qb, not sure which though.

Woot! (Thanks for getting out of bed, Legion.)

Edit: From the ESPN Draft Chat:

Randy Mueller: (1:39 PM ET ) If McPherson is still on the board when the Saints pick, I expect them to pick him...just a hunch.

Kurt Whisler: McPherson to NO, does that mean anything about Aaron Brooks and his future as a Saint?

Randy Mueller: (1:45 PM ET ) Maybe in a year or two..What it means is they have a great athlete who can make all the throws (just like a first round pick) who, if he can stay on the straight and narrow) will have a chance to start in this league...I''d say it puts Aaron on notice, if nothing else...

RB: So why did the Saints take a quarterback that couldn''t start over the less than stellar Rix in college?

Randy Mueller: (1:48 PM ET ) Chris Rix can''t carry McPherson''s keys as a QB...I''d be more worried about bringing a kid with that background into the city of New Orleans itself...lots of options to spend his time doing the wrong things...

Edit2 (dbl-posts are bad, m''kay?): ESPN''s analysis of day 1. Clayton''s top 5: Cowboys, Vikings, Browns, Chargers, Eagles. Bottom 3: Seahawks, Bills, Broncos.

Karma: Tampa traded for Luke McCown, formerly from La Tech.

I watched McCown, as La Tech''s in the WAC and so they come to Fresno every couple of years. He''s not spectacular, but let me just say one thing: don''t hold Cleveland against him. Cleveland for the past few years has not been a good situation for anyone. That said, McCown gives you someone you can groom into a solid #2... not a replacement for a prospect like McPherson.

Mike Mayock on NFL Network listed three of the Jags picks among his best ""value"" picks of the draft.

He also listed the Saints with Adrian McPherson.

He had Matt Jones on his ""reach"" board though. He''s not as much of a Jones fan as others (on the very same show, Adam Schefter insisted Jones would become a Pro Bowler).

Of course, since I like Jones, I''m in love with the Jaguars draft.

As for the Saints draft, I like Brown and of course McPherson. But I''m disappointed they took a safety instead of taking Matt Roth, which would''ve given them a hell of another DE! They could play a 6-1, with defensive ends *outside* of other defensive ends!

In fact, McPherson makes me REAL hopeful the whole ""McCombs buys the Saints and moves them to San Antonio"" thing happens, because I''d love to move to Austin and get ""Saints"" (since they''ll have to change their name) tickets.

He also listed the Saints with Adrian McPherson.

I am continually befuddled why everyone is so high on him. He couldn''t hold down the starting job on some suspect FSU offenses and then got drummed out of school on some serious charges. There was no mistake to what he did, it was a deliberate criminal act.

Now all of a sudden he is a can''t miss prospect. His physical skills were never an issue, but the kid has a $.10 head.



I hadn''t heard of Vincent Jackson until the Chargers picked him up in the second round but the more I read about him the more I like the pick. Here is a comparison of Jackson vs. Mike Williams and their combine stats (Williams on left, Jackson on Right):

Mike Williams Vincent Jackson
Height 6''5 6''5
Weight 229 241
40 Yard Dash: 4.56 4.46
20 Yard time: 2.63 2.57
10 Yard Time: 1.66 1.57
Wonderlic 20 33
Hand Size: 8 7/8 9 5/8
Arm Length: 34 1/8 32 3/4
Short Shuttle: 4.23 4.08
3 Cone: 6.98 6.84
[email protected]: did not lift 32
Vertical Jump: 36.5 39
Broad Jump: 10''3 10''6

So Jackson is bigger, stronger, faster and smarter than Williams and the only knock on him is he played weaker competition. I can live with that there are plenty of great receivers who played at smaller schools. Oh and the more I have read about Castillo the more I like that pick as well. Overall I think the Bolts had a great draft and I am very excited for the upcoming season.

PS: Thank you NY Giants!

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I hadn''t realized that it was their first pick of the draft. :shock:

Yeah. Though you almost have to include Doug Jolley in there, because they traded their 1st rounder straight up for Jolley right before the draft. They essentially chose between using their first round pick in a trade for Jolley, or to draft Heath Miller. They preferred the faster guy that''s not dinged up.

Great analysis, Legion. Any insight as to WTF the Seahawks are thinking?

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Great analysis, Legion. Any insight as to WTF the Seahawks are thinking?

The Seahawks weren''t thinking, from the looks of it. It''s actually no secret that Seattle wanted to trade down, much like Denver did from #25 (just one spot ahead) in the week leading up to the draft. They hoped for a draft day trade opportunity. When their pick came up and they had no takers, I think they just didn''t know what to do.

Seattle''s draft record over the past few years is among the league''s worst. They have a few big hits (Shaun Alexander, and the now-departed Ken Lucas), but a ton of misses.

There''s nothing wrong with Spencer, and despite being a reach at #26, he''ll probably pan out better than many of their recent 1st rounders. Maybe they don''t trust themselves on high-talent gambles.

The Tatupu draft pick, however, is puzzling. Every time someone takes a linebacker like this, they point to Zach Thomas as ""proof"" that the 5''11"", 230 pound middle linebacker CAN succeed. What they ignore is that many undersized but otherwise talented ''backers try to live up to that and fail to. Thomas in his prime had Jason Taylor and Trace Armstrong drawing double-teams a-plenty, and rarely had an offensive guard up in his face. Smaller linebackers have to be insulated from the O-line by great defensive linemen. Even Ray Lewis, as talked-up as he is, struggles if his defensive line does not keep linemen out of his face (that''s not a slight on him, because he''s got talent out the ears, but despite the legendary status, he does have weaknesses too). Does Tatupu have Thomas or Lewis talent? Because if he doesn''t, the weaknesses from being undersized become even more pronounced. I don''t know if anyone sees that kind of talent level in him.

THEN, they draft a QB who, to be quite frank, does not have an NFL level arm. He''s one of the Detmer brothers - guys that never legitimately have a shot to go further than being a career backup, because they just don''t have the physical tools to be enough of a playmaker. He''s a guy that maybe comes in when the starter goes down, and wins a few games - because he''s able to be smart and controlled about how and where he throws. But eventually defenses realize he can''t go over the top of them, and they start sitting down on the routes he can hit. Ever wonder why sometimes backup QBs sometimes come out of nowhere to go on a winning streak, but never get anywhere beyond that? It''s because opponents eventually discover the player''s physical limitations, and take advantage of them.

Seattle''s draft makes Baby Jesus cry. I''ve considered Washington a place to relocate after school, and if I do, I''d be wanting Seahawks season tickets. I was thrilled when they finally did away with the Kingdome and went to an open-air stadium (football is MEANT to be played in the rain!). But they insist on being hard to like...

Seattle''s draft makes Baby Jesus cry. I''ve considered Washington a place to relocate after school, and if I do, I''d be wanting Seahawks season tickets. I was thrilled when they finally did away with the Kingdome and went to an open-air stadium (football is MEANT to be played in the rain!). But they insist on being hard to like...

Our stadium is, indeed, awesome. Best football stadium I''ve ever had the pleasure of visiting, hands down. I was hoping that Seattle would either take a long-term gamble with someone like McPherson (I just don''t think that Hasselbeck is that good) or maybe trade up for a great WR with sticky hands, or even another RB to give Alexander a break on 3rd down. The *last* thing on my list to draft would have been an undersized LB... the hawks need big bruisers to help out the pass rush and fill the gaps, not more quick guys IMHO.

I''m pretty sure this article is useless, but maybe I''m just reading it wrong.