NFL Draft 2005: Day 1 + Day 2 too

"*Legion*" wrote:

Pick 47 - NY Jets - Mike Nugent, K (Ohio State)

Nugent is a superb kicker, but a 2nd round pick? Too many ways to get a kicker to spend a 2nd rounder.

I guess they''re still reeling from the playoffs (it''s the only explanation; Legion is right).

Pick 46 - Cincinnati - Odell Thurman, LB (Georgia)
Pick 47 - Minnesota - Marcus Johnson, OT (Mississippi)
Pick 48 - St. Louis - Ronald Bartell, CB (Howard)

Thurman is one of the linebackers that Seattle should have taken instead of their guy. Marcus Johnson is a top prospect at guard that doesn''t measure up quite as well as a tackle prospect, don''t understand why Minnesota would take him under the announced position of tackle. Bartell is a physical talent that played I-AA ball. If he makes the conversion from I-AA to NFL as well as Rashean Mathis did a couple years ago, he could be a steal. But Bartell is probably not as polished, but will contribute.

Still no Khalif Barnes. Jacksonville''s only two picks away! Come on guys, take him.

"Grumpicus" wrote:

I guess they''re still reeling from the playoffs (it''s the only explanation; Legion is right).

The guy''s a great kicker, and it''s hard to not like a guy that shares a last name with The Nuge, but I''m all about the approach of taking late round picks and free agents into camp over and over again until you get one that sticks. Scobee really worked great for the Jags last year as a 5th rounder (3rd best in kickoffs, 11th in field goal accuracy, and he''s got development left still), and punter Chris Hanson was a free agent left for dead in the league, and now he''s a Pro Bowler. You just keep picking up everyone else''s discarded kickers - sometimes they just develop later, and there are plenty of stop-gap guys sitting around by the phone while you search.

Pick 49 - Green Bay - Nick Collins, CB (Bethune-Cookman)
Pick 50 - Jacksonville - Khalif Barnes, OT (Washington)
Pick 51 - Baltimore - Dan Cody, DE (Oklahoma)

Collins is a surprise with guys like Justin Miller and Eric Green and Bryant McFadden still on the board! Meanwhile, Jacksonville takes the guy I talked about all round: Khalif Barnes. I thought they might take one of the cornerbacks I just listed (and I wouldn''t have minded some of them, especially Miller), but I''m very glad they got Barnes. With so many corners sliding, there may still be great value in the 3rd round for some. Cody is another guy that was considered a certain 1st rounder but slid big time. Major steals for both Baltimore and Jacksonville. Both teams are chasing Detroit for the best drafts so far.

Carolina taking their damn time again....

EDIT: .... less than a minute left. If they''re not using this time for a trade, then they''re just pissing me off.

*Legion*''s Most Intriguing Prospects Left:

Justin Miller, CB (Clemson)
Charlie Frye, QB (Akron)
Adrian McPherson, QB (ex-Florida State)
Adam Terry, OT (Syracuse)
Alex Smith, TE (Stanford)
Darryl Blackstock, LB (Virginia)
Eric Green, CB (Virginia Tech)

Legion, I know you like McPherson. Do you think there''s any chance the Saints might grab him if he''s still available at 82? Does it make sense or is my anti-Aaron Brooks tainting my opinion?

Pick 54 - Carolina - Eric Shelton, RB (Louisville)
Pick 55 - Buffalo - Roscoe Parrish, WR (Miami-FL)
Pick 56 - Denver - Darrent Williams, CB (Oklahoma State)

Shelton over Fason or Kay-Jay Harris? I''m scared off by guys that remind me of Ron Dayne. Parrish is TINY (5''9"" and change, 168 pounds!) that will be a return man more than anything else. Darrent Williams is a skilled guy who is both coming off injury and was suspended by his team from the Alamo Bowl because of a ""rules violation"" (no word from the team what he did). How you take this guy over some of the other corners available is puzzling.

"Grumpicus" wrote:

Legion, I know you like McPherson. Do you think there''s any chance the Saints might grab him if he''s still available at 82? Does it make sense or is my anti-Aaron Brooks tainting my opinion?

The Saints have been connected with McPherson, but I think they may wait and see if he''s there for them on Day 2.

McPherson is going to be a guy that people regret not taking, like I think Matt Jones would if he had gone later (#21 is probably about as early as you could really take him). If he had smoked weed or beat up someone instead of gambling, he would go rounds earlier.

Don''t think in terms of Aaron Brooks. Think in terms of Todd Bouman. The Saints need a backup QB (the depth chart at doesn''t even show a #3) and if you take McPherson, you get a backup QB. And you may well get a starting QB if he gets a chance to play.

Taking a QB for New Orleans makes plenty sense. The question is whether we''re talking McPherson, or Kyle Orton, or someone else...

(edited for correctness)

Pick 57 - NY Jets - Justin Miller, CB (Clemson)
Pick 58 - Green Bay - Terrence Murphy, WR (Texas A&M)
Pick 59 - Atlanta - Johnathan Babineaux, DT (Iowa)

Well if you''ve read this far, you know I am very pro-Justin Miller. A surprising slide. Murphy, meanwhile, belongs right around here. Has size and speed, but his ball skills are lacking. Babineaux is a smaller but productive tackle who was hurt left and right in college - probably would be a higher pick if he wasn''t an injury concern.

Pick 60 - Indianapolis - Kelvin Hayden, CB (Illinois)
Pick 61 - San Diego - Vincent Jackson, WR (Northern Colorado)
Pick 62 - Pittsburgh - Bryant McFadden, CB (Florida State)
Pick 63 - Philadelphia - Matt McCoy, LB (San Diego State)
Pick 64 - New England - Traded to Baltimore for 3rd rounder (pick 84) and a 6th rounder (pick 195) and a 3rd rounder in 2006
Pick 64 - Baltimore - Adam Terry, OT (Syracuse)

Hayden? This guy wasn''t supposed to go anywhere near the 2nd. A decently sized guy with some speed that only played corner for 1 year at Illinois, and was no stunner. San Diego recovers after a bad pick earlier with a guy that I forgot on my ""intriguing prospect"" board above. Jackson is a huge receiver with surprising speed for his size that could be turned into a good receiver. Played I-AA ball and needs to be coached up to play at the next level.

Bryant McFadden is a fearless, powerful corner whose only knock is that he doesn''t have superior speed. One of the best picks of round 2. Matt McCoy for Philly is a MAJOR reach, a real WTF pick, especially with Blackstock still on the board (damn people, Blackstock was a 1st rounder on some boards!). Baltimore makes another great move to get a ""slider"" in Adam Terry. He''s a tower at 6''8"", but I''m not sure how Baltimore plans to use him, as he seems like he''s strictly a left tackle.

End of 2nd round

That ends my pick-by-pick coverage today. I''ll probably make a few posts through the 3rd round.

Cleveland got QB Charlie Frye from Akron, who has real potential to turn into a starting QB. Great situation for him, coming in behind Dilfer.

Eric Green finally went, to Arizona. Along with Artrell Rolle, the Cards pass defense is quickly improved.

No McPherson at #82, Grump.

Bucs have the #91 pick

I want to go to the damn gym and bring some dinner home afterwards but I CAN''T UNTIL THE THIRD ROUND IS OVER!

6 compensatory selections at the end of the round? AAAHH!!

Well we do need help at LB but WTF is Alfred Fincher from... Connecticut?!?!

I''m trying to figure out WTF is going on with Blackstock. He was no worse than a high 2nd round on every board I''ve seen. He''s been on top of Kiper''s ""best available"" for hours.

Heck, Bucs pick OT. Well, they do have 107...

Arizona finally takes Blackstock.

Indianapolis takes a guy that has no info for. LOL.


Denver Broncos!


GJ Legion. Thanks for all the work!

Thanks for keeping us informed - I cant believe how late Blackstock was picked - some real WTF''s in this draft - I was surprised by New Englads pick at the end of the first round as well.

I don''t like football at all and Legion made this very interesting for me.

I can''t believe Denver took Maurice Clarett.

"sheared" wrote:

I can''t believe Denver took Maurice Clarett.

Somehow it seems sort of like Denver, though. Maybe I''ve become biased living amongst the Chargers faithful.

"Stric9" wrote:

Damn the Chiefs defense is starting to scare me.

Holy sh*t Legion, you have actually researched, and given analysis on all 50-odd picks so far of this snorefest? Kudos man, kudos.

I wish there wasn''t so much coverage of the draft beforehand. I knew half the picks before they happened, and the rest I had an extremely good idea about. Friggin'' Giants, trading away their 1st Rounder for Eli. Guh.

Been watching rounds 4 and 5 from bed. One pick made me get up out of bed to post, though...

Round 5, pick #152: New Orleans takes Adrian McPherson

Heck. Oh well.

The Bucs have picked very well. I think the people bitching about Gruden will be happy. he definitely has been picking for needs.

A RB, 2 O. Lineman, a linebacker (lost Gold this year), and a TE.