Chiefs make a Defensive move. About Time!

Wow, KC buckled and coughed up a 2nd. I''m not so sure about that. Surtain is certainly an upgrade over KC''s corners, but considering how deep the draft is at corner, I don''t know that there isn''t more value in round 2 than you get with Surtain. Surtain''s a good player, but I think he was only a Pro Bowl player as a result of the support of a strong defense around him (particularly a great pass rush).

Surtain was available for a trade of a 3rd round pick, but KC didn''t have a 3rd rounder. They were trying to get Surtain for their 4th rounder, and Miami wanted to bump them up to a 2nd. Guess KC blinked first. Though I don''t know if Miami ultimately would have gone for the 4th. I gotta think that KC could''ve traded their 2nd rounder for maybe two 3rds (from a team that has two) or a 3rd this year and one next year. Then they could''ve traded only one 3rd, and ended up with Surtain + another 3rd rounder.

The deal was in negotiations a long time, it sounds like Peterson worked all the angles.

At any rate, a 2nd year pro bowler is big help, whether the deal will be considered profitable down the road, we''ll have to see.

And I don''t think any of the decent DBs would have been available by KC''s pick. That plus they need to address a lot of Defensive problems with the draft.

Much like I had to while building my GWJFL Chiefs juggernaught!