Wannabe Broncos unveil new uniforms

So I admit that the title is unfair to the Broncos but if you're interested, here's the Cards' new uniforms.

Geez, those really do look like the Broncos uniforms. Originality in action!




We were laughing about these at work this morning.

We just bought the Cards a brand new stadium. This is how they show us they are working to get better -- not by bringing in Shaun Alexander as RB, but by changing their uniforms...with the *new* logo that you need to put right next to the old one to see any difference.

Same old Cards!

The XFL lives on.


I have just been looking for an excuse to use this.

I mean, I understand why everyone wants to be like the Broncos, but my gawd. When I saw John Elway trot out in that new thing a few years back, I said ""Did John Elway sign a contract with the World League?""

This did not need to be duplicated.

Oh, and from the one related article that I didn''t link because it had no pictures, this made me snicker:

""I love everything about the uniforms, man,"" said linebacker Karlos Dansby, one of six players who modeled the initial public showing at a Scottsdale hotel. ""And, once I found out you could do six different combinations with them, I was really impressed.""

The text is actually what''s out on the AP wire (which I originally read at ESPN.com) and led me to the site.

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Ewwwww. Those are Arena ball uniforms.

Jesus. Where are the ""spinning rims"" for the sides of their helmets?

""They''re spinnin'', they''re spinnin'', muthafugga they''re spinnin''...!""
--Chris Rock

Sorry, I''ll take the new ones over the boring-ass old ones:

THESE new jerseys, however, can just go away (mercifully, they''re alternate jerseys):


My wife, the eternal Bears fan, says, ""I didn''t realize there''s a new homo league.""

Bears 107, Cards 1.

I''ve seen worse, not football jerseys, but I have seen worse jerseys.

I''m surprised all the new jerseys don''t have ""EA"" on them.

That would be the Arena League, Swampy.

Ye gods! They have them too?! 2k sports will have to do a Highschool football game for next year!