GWJFL 2005: Week 15


If its not a problem .........the killer and i have agreed to play our game Sunday morining!

Assuming that''s the earliest you can get it done, sure.

Hey Stric - sorry I didnt get home until very late and I should have PM''d you, but I was zonked. Can we try for tomorrow same time (Friday)?

Obviously I can''t go on Friday morning however if you want to pick a time on Saturday i''ll see if I can make it.

What time can you go on Saturday - let me know and I will try to schedule my sleep around the game :)...

I can go between now and about 1pm Spy I can''t really predict my schedule beyond then but if you happen to get this i''ll keep an eye on the thread until then.

Well looks like I missed you - did we miss the deadline?

Got until tomorrow morning thanks to Psycho and Neo.

Baggachipz and I were having issues connecting all day today.

Baggachipz, want to try again on Sunday?

If we can get an extension until Midnight Monday I could get my game in - otherwise I dont think it is going to happen.

Sorry, grumpy, but I had a boatload of things to take care of in the last few days and couldn''t be available for the game until this morning. I''ve sent Neo a PM with a specific time and if he''s available, it will get played. If not, please give him the win as it was my busy schedule which most likely pushed us to well passed the last minute. Thanks.

Is said specific time today?

Yes. Well, technically it was today. I don''t know if it''s gonna happen. Like I said earlier, if you wanna roll the week I''d prefer if you just give him the win.

Well I hate seeing half of the games decided by chance so I guess I''ll back the deadline up. This being Sunday and people most likely not being at their keyboards, I''m not sure how much coordinating is going to happen and so I''ll set tomorrow (Monday) midnight at the firm deadline. If you can''t get your game played, please let me know who deserves the win.

How''s it looking guys? I''ve seen no game-coordination posts since extending the deadline...

I haven''t heard back from Baggachipz since Saturday...

Me and spy are set to go at 7pm tonight. We have been communicating via PM.

Neo and I are going to try for 8pm PST.

Grump - Stric and I got our game played - thanks for extending the deadline.

Grumpy, RutlessMuffin is interested in taking the Rams over for week 16. If you want him to send him an invite


Psycho and I have concluded our offensive (hmmmm...) showdown. Kudo''s to Psycho for haning in there and winning the second half. Great game but a better talk!

''Twas a good time, NeoCell. With over 1300 combined total yards, at the very least I can say that the fans certainly weren''t bored. Hope to meet up with you again at some point (perhaps with a different game or at least a different team for me ).

Week advanced. Week 16 thread here. One coin toss - went to L&L.