Eastside Hockey Manager Demo Released

Find it from Boomtown, Worthplaying or FileFront.

While i'm a slave to Football Manager, I knew I wasn't going to play EHM when I saw that someone had scored some 400 odd goals in a season. I know Soccer fans don't like it, but for games like Baseball, Basketball and Hockey, you have to have a stat engine that spits out realistic numbers, and that simply can't be beaten by a "super tactic". When the Red Wings won the cup in 01/02 they did it going 51W-17L-10D-4OTL. And that was a spectacular season. Going 71-9-2 isn't okay. Ever. Scoring 100 goals in a season isn't okay, except perhaps in the most extreme of circumstances where the league is played in a wide-open style.

But those are my gripes.

Well, I''m really bad at these type of games, so maybe my seasons will be more accurate