GWJFL3: SuperBowl

Congrats Grumpy!

Uh oh. Looks like the ""D"" word might start popping up around Grumpy''s coaching career.


Congrats Grumpy guess it''s time to find a new sig.

I don''t know if it''s going to work but given my lack of success getting this thing transcoded, if you''re daring enough to try downloading the SB video (be warned, it''s huge and it probably sucks), PM me with an email address for me to send the torrent file.

Thanks to Demiurge for helping me test this. It looks like it might be working. Here''s a link to the torrent. Obviously, due to the way BitTorrent works, the more people that download it, the better for the swarm so feel free to fire up your client and connect... just please leave it up after it''s finished downloading (for as long as reasonable, of course). According to Demi, ""the offical bittorrent client for OSX didn''t like the torrent, but Tomato Torrent is working just fine"" so YMMV. Personally, I use Azureus (and it''s built-in tracker is what''s serving up the file) and here''s a list of other clients as well.

Finally, a note. I play the game widescreen but the recording software recorded at 640x480 and so the video is a little vertically stretched (or horizontally compressed, if you will) but still quite watchable. Sorry ''bout that.

I know that at least one person has successfully downloaded a complete copy. I''ve bumped up my upload speed but if you have a copy and can reconnect to the tracker to help whomever is currently downloading it, I (and they, I''m sure) would really appreciate it. Thanks.

It would have finished for me last night, but the PB fell asleep. I''ll seed it when I''ve got it in a few hours.

I'm assuming that everyone who was interested in this (in its gargantuan form, anyway) has gotten a copy. As such, I'm taking down the torrent and the tracker. I'm hoping to someday cut a highlight reel or something... but I'll need better hardware for that. If I ever do, I'll resurrect this thread again.

Did anyone actually get a full copy? I can't imagine it was actually very interesting to watch.

I would have given it a shot if it was shrunken down to about half that size, but when one's amount of free hard-drive space is barely over the 2 gig mark, sacrificing a whole one gig for a video (even temporarily) is hard to do.