GWJFL3: SuperBowl

New England (9) v. NY Jets (13)
Pittsburgh (35) v. Jacksonville (28)

GWJFL3 Super Bowl:

NY Jets v. Pittsburgh

I''m going to need some time Grumpy, time to remember how to play football

Let''s shoot for Monday evening, you pick!

LEGION prepare to meet your DOOOOOMM!

I am gonna bruise your foot so bad from kicking my butt, you won''t be able to play in the Super Bowl.

Oh and ... BOO YAH!

"Certis" wrote:

Let''s shoot for Monday evening, you pick!

What''d you call me?!? Oh, pick. Pick what? The time? 9:30c on Monday sounds fine... or Tuesday, whichever you prefer.

Sounds good... you prick

Legion. I and the Tinsel Curtain Defense are ready to play if you are.

Unless Spy Navy signs on first. I don;t know yet if he and I are going to play yet.

OK, let''s roll.

My game with Highlander dropped in the 2nd.

OK that sucked. Grump, Legion and I need a reset. I had a decent game going too. Now he will probably blow me out.

LOL. You''re playing much better ball than the last time we played. Your offense is much tighter.


Reset done.

Your O is much tighter.


Grumpy and I just finished up our game. Ahead 9 - 6 in the beginning of the 4th quarter the Patriots had a 4th and inches decision to make mid-field. Rather than run it and continue to work the clock Tom Brady decided to attack the man coverage and go for a game ending deep pass. Branch couldn''t pull it down and the Jets went on to drive for a TD.

When asked for comment, the coach said ""YOU WOULDN''T BE QUESTIONING ME IF IT WORKED YOU BASTARDS!""

Good game Grump! Good luck in the finals.

"Certis" wrote:

Rather than run it and continue to work the clock

Or, well, punting.

Interestingly, the play-by-play says the ball was on your 36, but after the incomplete pass, Grump takes possession on your 47. You guys were playing silly rules!

Go back online, Highlander!

I can''t tonight. Must go to bed.


Dang. The Jets beating the mighty Pats.

Congrats, Grumpy.

I just realized how ""East Coast"" the playoffs were. STL and SD were the only 2 of 8 to make the playoffs and no team not in the Eastern time zone made the semis.

As an aside, did you realize that of the 32 teams in the NFL, 17.5 of them are in the Eastern time zone?

Indeed. On the West coastal states, you have San Fran, Oaktown, Seattle, and San Diego. Starting in Florida and going north, you won''t get past Georgia before matching that total.

Well my comparison was not just west coast vs. east coast but east coast (or Eastern time zone, anyway) compared to the entire rest of the country...

Edit: Granted, when you consider population density, it makes sense but I just hadn''t thought about it to the point where I realized it was over half the teams in the league.

Well the coastal comparison is just an example of team density. Lots and lots of West Coast land in-between teams, SanFran/Oakland notwithstanding.

I assume the 0.5 team is in Indiana, my soon-to-be homeland?

BTW - The Indiana House voted to adopt daylight savings time today! However, one of the compromises to get it passed seems to be that no one has decided whether to adopt EST or CST...or maybe both? Maybe I''m just reading this all wrong.

Yep. It''s only Eastern time for the second half of the season.

Looking at the map, I''d say they could go either way... but considering that the NW corner is Central and the fact that, if the time zone border went straight North instead of NW across Kentucky, it would hit the Eastern border of IN, I would say that Central made the most sense. Not that my opinion means a hill of beans in this case.

Great game by Highlander. Leftwich went color blind in the second quarter and hit Steelers left and right. I should''ve just run the ball every play, ''cuz there was no stopping Freddie. Oh well. See you in the 2005 playoffs.

I got some lucky breaks cause Legion had me on the freaking ropes in the first quarter. I think the game took pity on me.

But damn, Freddie was a beast. My last drive I knew I had to get you on the other side of the field cause if you had time you were going to ram that ball down the Steelers throat.

You''ve gotten a lot better since we last played, and now it''s at the point where if I give you an opportunity, you''re gonna make it count.

I should''ve just run and run and run like I usually do. I don''t know WTF got in my brain and pulled me away from that, but it cost me. I''m gonna make a Post-It that says ""run 40 times a game, stupid"" and stick it on my TV for the rest of the GWJ 2005 season.

Well, you sure as sh*t didn''t want to listen to me, Legion.

Roethlisberger''s got no pocket moving skills. Blitz his ass, dammit!

Congratulations, Highlander. I''ll just have to be satisfied that the smackdown was laid by proxy.

I don''t really see any reason to create a new thread for one more game so I''ll just edit the title of this one...

So when do you want to play? How about tonight? Thanks.

Good luck guys!

Hmm. Not sure about tonight. The wife is hating the football, especially since it''s baseball season. Maybe I can convine here that after this game I''ll just have one more league to finish.

Kepp Xfire open tonight. Or I''ll post here.

There should be a Spectator mode.

How cool would that be?