MLB2K5 Leagues Ready for sign up

American League
League Name: GWJMLB2005AL

National League
League Name: GWJMLB2005NL

Please join with the team you received in the draft and let's have a good season.

Commissioner: Highlander/Nationals

Co-Commissioner : SwampYankee/Indians
Mr. Green/Blue Jays
Ruthless Muffin/Orioles
SquirrelMonkey/White Sox

Just so everyone knows their place.

Actually, the AL looks like this now:

Co-Commissioner: Warlock/Tigers
Mr. Green/Blue Jays
Ruthless Muffin/Orioles
SquirrelMonkey/White Sox

I''m signed up. Can''t wait to play!

What''s our status, Highlander? How many cats are we missing?

1 NL and 1 in AL.

The 1 in the NL is going to sign up tonight. I won''t say any names, but his name starts with a ""C"" and ends with an ""ertis.""

The AL guy I have PMed.

The 1 in the NL is going to sign up tonight. I won''t say any names, but his name starts with a ""C"" and ends with an ""ertis.""

We should send that guy fresh baked cookies as encouragement.

I''m all signed up.

Hope the cookies helped.

Who is the AL holdout?

The Tribe DEMANDS sacrifice!

He''s signing up tonight. But I''ll get you a live chicken.

Not for me. For Jobu.

OK, last night Highlander and I played a game (my forst with the Indians) and even though I bite I played a good game and had a lot of fun and I cannot wait for the season to get going!

BTW - Highlander plays an incredible defensive game.

Ok, as of 8AM, still 1 more AL person needs to sign up. Get on that!

Also, I''m worried that my awesomeness against the computer (I went 21-1 over the weekend against the Indians on Pro setting... 30 hits) won''t translate to awesomeness against you guys. Anyone up for a game or two online sometime this night? Like, say, Wednesday night, anywhere from 7 to 11pm?

It doesn''t, Warlock. I can beat the computer''s ass, too. But against humans I have a 22 inning scoreless streak going!

And I have held my opponents to 3 or 4 runs in those 22 innings.

I might beat the computer 6-2 or something, but I never really blow them out. I''ve never actually played against a human, but I''m willing to bet that the skills don''t translate all that well. Seems like the computer throws a lot of strikes. Are you doing anything special to kill the computer? Just being selective with what pitches you swing with?

More like I''m being generous in my description of my wins over the computer

I beat it like 4-1, 6-2, stuff like that. And that is with the Red Sox. I was tied 0-0 in the 4th last night using the Indians when Highlander challenged me to a pick up game.

Yeah, just carefully selected swings. If I''m hitting with I-Rod, I''m not gonna let the pitcher jam me up on the inside. I''ll let that pitch go. But, he throws a pitch out over the plate, preferably the bottom part, and I''m gonna smack the sucker. Also, being able to direct your swings (late for right field, early for left: reverse for lefty batters) helps advance runners after you''ve got them on base.

"SwampYankee" wrote:

BTW - Highlander plays an incredible defensive game.

Thanks Swampy. You pitched a good game. Held me to about 6 hits.

I''''ll try to reach our hold out, SquirrelMonkey

Certis and I played a game yesterday that was a 1-1 tie going into the 14th inning, when I hit a 3-run homer to take the lead. Then he struck out, hit a double, hit a single, and GDP to end it. It was beautiful. I love winning.

It was beautiful. I love winning.

That''s lovely.

For the record, if that game ran any longer I may have missed my opportunity for hot hot wife lovin''. Subconsciously I may have thrown that game. Just saying!

Okay that''s more than I needed to know.

Congrats for your win San! Congrats for having sex Certis!

I scored a run tonight!

I beat Psycho 1-0 (GG, Psycho!) I actually ran the bases correctly and scored from second on a sharp single to right field. I''m so proud I could lose my fudge.

Thus ends my dry spell after 28 innings.

[email protected] teh offensive juggernaut that is the Cleveland Indians!

OK, I''m starting to get a bit bent. It takes what, 5 minutes to sign up?

This does not bode well.

Just looked it up, and SquirrelMonkey hasn''t posted since the day before you posted this thread, so he hasn''t posted in 6 days or so. Maybe he''s on vacation or something. I guess I''m kind of on Swampy''s side here-- getting a bit antsy to start.

Do we have to break out the ""Sign up by such and such a day or your spot will reopen"" threat?

Because I''d rather not.



<picks up mailbox and throws it through window>

I PM''ed him. Since it''s been 6 days since he posted last, we''ll give him 8 days (making it a full 2 weeks) to sign up.

I know that''s quite a bit longer to wait, but he wasone of the original interested parties, so we need to give him enough time for internet/vacation/personal problems.

If someone else is interested in the spot, speak up now, so we can get you signed up should Squirrel not join by Thursday, April 21st. Actually, I''ll start a new thread for that purpose.

I thought it was squirrrel, not ruthless?

Yup, my bad. I looked at the right team, but the wrong owner. [EDIT], here we come!