GWJFL 2005: Week 13

I am waiting for you Neo - been on for 10 minutes now - it is 7PM PST - actually 10 after now - where are you?

Grumpy and I played last night and I would just like to say I have never had my ass kicked in a more gentelmenly fashion. Thanks again for the great game Grump.

Warlock, I am coming on now.

, I am coming on Warlock now.

TMI Swampy.

Uh, ok.

I''ll get out of WoW.

I''m on... where you be, Ubah Wolf?

"Certis" wrote:
, I am coming on Warlock now.

TMI Swampy.

Isn''t that some kind of policy violation?

Swampy will do anything to gain an edge.

Looks like Swampy''s connection died.



He''s Dead, Jim!

Warlock, tomorrow after work I will get a new MF''n X-Box. Want to try for 7 PM tomorrow?

Yeah, that should work.

Gee, First Mariano Rivera and Now Swampy''s Xbox. Don''t these things come in threes?

I was hoping it would make it till October, but no such luck.

Reminder: The deadline is tomorrow.

Firesloth and I had to play in the snow last night. And to me, snow always means one thing: DISCONNECTION.

I think we need a reset. Firesloth, would you be free tonight to play? about 10 central?

Reset done.

Grump, still nothing from Ejay.

After a lopsided first half, Warlock''s Lions staged a comeback that put a scare into my Chiefs, but I was lucky to come out on top, 17-10. The lag was not so great and caused us both some trouble.

I missed a chance to put him away late in the 4th because I was trying to force a throw instead of thinking and ended up with an interception in his endzone.

I had benched Holmes and Green. Blaylock came up with a nice 100+ yard game, including a 60+ yarder from scrimage to put me up 10-0 in the 1st half.

Good Game Warlock. Thanks for the patience with my X-Box problems.

Great, fun game Firesloth. The Green Bay defense came through when they needed to with a couple of costly interceptions off Maddox.

If I could have just gotten my hands on the onside kick ...

Great game.

That was a great game, Highlander. For the rest of you: Green Bay pulled out a 45-38 game, but it could easily have gone the other way.

Lots of good running, some great long passes on Highlander''s part. Not too many punts (a total of 2). That last drive of Highlander''s, where he threw the ball right past the safety I was controlling for a 32-yd TD, was a beauty (and took only 30 some seconds).

Given the way the game was going, I was surprised he didn''t get the onside kick with under 2 min to go!

Stat Watch:

*Lots of yardage on the ground (155 yds by D. Staley, 35 by J. Bettis, and 283 yds by A. Green).

*Both teams converted 6/7 3rd downs (including a great 3-19 conversion by Highlander).

*Neither team stopped the other inside the redzone (7 attempts).

*Highlander had 22 pass plays, 22 running plays. Balance!

League advanced to week 14. The playoff run has begun.