GWJHL Week 7!

And you can take the win on our game since I goofed on our first date. Though I doubt we could have connected on a friday night either. Like I didn''t just spend an obscene amount of money in the UK and now I have to buy a new router and some new hockey gear.

Bagga, sorry my Internet connection is still down (2 days and counting). It doesn''t look like we''re fated to play this round, seeing as the problems on Sunday and Monday were my fault, and there is no ETA on the repair of my connection let''s call the game on account of dumb-ass ISPs.

Certis, can you notch the win for Bagga please.

No no no, Certis please flip a coin or give Marlin the win. I forgot our match in the first place.

I could use a win. Give it to me.

Ok, three games still to be played but various tech issues are messing us up. I''m going to roll the week forward late tonight, here''s how things stand if you don''t get your games played.

Certis vs. Mix - Since we''ve established Mix''s router is the likely culprit I''ll be taking the win... probably out to dinner and a movie.

Marlin vs. Bagga - Since Bagga asked for a flip, that''s what you''ll get.

Reaper vs. Demi - Reaper gets the win.

There you go, tonight is your last chance to get these games played!

Since Demi missed two game attempts and Reaper missed one he gets the win. That said, you''re both chronic bumblers.

"Certis" wrote:

Reaper vs. Demi - Looks to me like both of you each missed one scheduled game for one reason or another. Unless I hear otherwise, it''s flip city.

Curse you, Captain Skimpants!

That said, Demi, I''m not available for tonight. I say we just let Certis give ''er the ol'' flipper-roo.

Hehe, Skimpants. My new favorite word.

Oh, so now I''ve got to buy a $50 router to play in the league

If f''ing linksys made firmware updates for old hardware I''d be fine, but honestly!

That said, you''re both chronic bumblers.

I originally was going to ask if that was a proper usage of the word, ''bumbler.'' It is according to


n : someone who makes mistakes because of incompetence

I guess I prefer the phrase, ''Deadbeat gamer.''

"Reaper" wrote:

I guess I prefer the phrase, ''Deadbeat gamer.''

That implies that we owe someone money. I''ll take bumbler.

Week 8 has rolled on!

Winners have been applied as mentioned above, Bagga won the toss.