Fantasy Baseball Upgrade Complete

It's new location is

And you all have access to the Draft kits as well. Better late than never I guess.

And here's a question for all... do you want to have one division or two divisions. We can do that now that the league has been upgraded.

Live draft, Thursday Night 10 eastern/9 central.

Hmm I can''t remember how the division thing works. Does the winner of each division play each other for the championship? Also I assume playoff spots might change as well. I did the NFL League last year and we had 2 divisions and I can''t even remember!

According to Yahoo!

Championship Bracket:
Week One
Bye: Both Div Winners
P1: Wild Card 1 vs. Wild Card 4
P2: Wild Card 2 vs. Wild Card 3

Week Two
P3: Best Div Winner vs. Winner of P2
P4: Second Div Winner vs. Winner of P1
Fifth Place Game: Loser of P1 vs. Loser of P2

Week Three
Championship Game: Winner of P3 vs. Winner of P4
Third Place Game: Loser of P3 vs. Loser of P4

Consolation Bracket:
Week One
Bye: Seventh Place and Eighth Place
C1: Ninth Place vs. Twelfth Place
C2: Tenth Place vs. Eleventh Place

Week Two
C3: Seventh Place vs. Winner of C2
C4: Eighth Place vs. Winner of C1
Eleventh Place Game: Loser of C1 vs. Loser of C2

Weeks Three
Seventh Place Game: Winner of C3 vs. Winner of C4
Ninth Place Game: Loser of C3 vs. Loser of C4

I think with 14, two divisions is called for (I just ask that I be in the National or South division - since both the AL, DH and the North *SUCK*)

I think 2 divisions might keep things exciting as the season gets on.
I''ve noticed that sometimes the bottom teams lose interest and fall out about a third of the way through, so maybe this will help. (And the fact that we all put money into it).

"phragged" wrote:

(And the fact that we all put money into it).

As good a reason as any. Done.

UHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! I''m in the American League...does that mean I have to start cross dressing and using tampons and the such (if my wife sees this, I''m toast!) I mean, artificial turf, designated hitters, cross dressing yankees...sigh...

How do we get into the draft page btw...

I know. I don''t get to select who is in which league. I much prefer the senior circuit myself.

For the draft, just go to the league page about 10 minutes before the appointed time. There will be a link to click on that will take you to the draft room.

Be sure to click on the Test Your system if you haven''t already. At this point, I hope no one has a big bad firewall that prevents you from reaching the draft. If so, set your preselect order.