Open Invitation: NFL 2k5 Tournament

Cut me Mick. Cut me. if you need to. (I''ve done my recruiting, I think both Frankie and Ruthless Muffin are playing.)

Cut me as well if you need the space.

I just tried to recruit Sanj. We''ll see

<checks watch>

All right, I''m in. Low commitment, high reward, just like my love life

Someone needs to con Fletcher into playing too

Remember, guys (and potential players sitting on the fence), it''s only 4 games, max. Half of you will only have/get to play a single game. It''s definitely much less commitment than a full league.

I''ve joined (finally).

Update: With roughly 24 hours to go and 5 slots still open... Where''s Certis and Legion? Someone tell JMJ and Opti that we miss them. Ejay? Squirrelmonkey? Here''s your chance at redemption for going AWOL. Psycho? Stric9? Baggachipz? That''s right, I''m calling you all out by name. Certainly you''re good for one little game? Oh, you think you''ll make it out of round 1? Prove it.

ohhh. The gauntlets are off.
You forgot to tell them they all play football like girls.

I figured I was going to let someone else win something at ESPN, because the league championships are both mine - the games are but formality.

But fine, if you want me to win this too, I''ll join. But I''ll take a crap team.

I hear Arizona and San Francisco are still available. I double-dog dare you.

I may well take the 49ers. Or Chicago.

For my part, with the entire field available to me (they make the owner choose when the league/tournament is created), I snagged the ''Aints. Anyone want to practice tonight? I''ve got a league game at 10:30c but can go before (starting at 9c) and/or after...

I''m always up for a practice game, assuming you don''t want to play it during Tuesday night Links

Well it doesn''t look like we''re going to make it to 16. I''ll be deleting the tourney and recreating it as an 8-team bracket tonight; preferably with the same name. As before, it will be first come, first serve. Sorry.

Ejay''s still AWOL; he hasn''t responded to my PM for the ''05 league.

How many are you short?

There are currently 11 teams signed up.

I''m in if you stay at 16. I''ll sit out at 8.

Well at 11, 12 counting you, we''re still a long way from 16.

I recreated the leage with the same name, 8 teams. Since no one picked them up the first time around and I really don''t care for the singleback set used by the Saints, I grabbed the Falcons. I''ve never used them before so if anyone is interested in some practice games, drop me a line.

As before, the league is first-come, first-serve. Whatever you had the first time around (the 16-team league) is not guaranteed this time. The league will start when we hit 8 people. Thanks for your patience.

In with the Steelers again.

2 spots left.

I wil get in tonight!

sorry grumps...with taxes due among other things...wife will skin me if I jump in to this one right now...but if you get down to needing one to enter and even it me and I''ll do what must be done...

I haven''t had a chance to check this recently... are there any slots still open?

Well we had 12 (or was it 11?) sign up for the first tourney and now we can''t get past 6. C''mon folks, let''s get this thing going.

Edit: Wow, nice timing L&L...

It''s your deoderant, Grumpy.

Took the Panthers again. Looks like there is one slot left, so who hasn''t signed up yet?

I don''t know but whoever it is needs a serious kick in the pants!

If you don''t get one of the 11 to fill the last spot, I''ll be the ""last resort"" fill-in.