GWJFL3: Round 1

Stric9, how about 9 p.m. central monday night?

Stric9, how about 9 p.m. central monday night?

Ok sounds good see you then.

I have to play Grumpy''s Jets next? But he wants revenge! No fair!

Highlander can we actually bump that up to around 6:30pm PST?

How about 6:40 PST?

How about 6:40 PST?

Sounds good to me. See ya then.

NYJ over St. Louis. A mild surprise, even though I picked them. That Jets D can be tough.

Still batting 1.000

An early pick for week 2:


JETS! JETS! JETS! Go Grumpy!

Much like in the NFL playoffs, I''m not sure the Jets should have made it out of round 1. I suspect round 2 will be where they make their exit.

Bagga, we play twice this week. Want to go back-to-back?

Yeah that''s probably best. If you could do your best to duplicate your brother''s performance, and then have him laughing in the background, that would be really swell.

Any night this week should be fine... preferences?

Stric you ready?


"baggachipz" wrote:

Any night this week should be fine... preferences?

May I remind you that tonight is the deadline? This is the playoffs so I''m not going to be doing any coin-tosses but there are some of us who are ready to receive their whoopin'' in round 2. Thanks.

Are you around tonight Bagga?

Well, Stric9 and I had a great battle. Interceptions every where, especially on my part, but the Steel Curtain Defense made sure those turnovers didn''t hurt them.

Field goal at the end gives the underdog Steelers the victoy over the Chargers, 10-7.

Oh I forgot: Great game Stric. The STeelers count themselves fortunate to come out of San Deigo with the win.

Whoa, I didn''t know that. Legion you still around? I could play now.


Umm... I changed my mind i''m not ready. Can we get a reset?

In all seriousness thanks for the great game Highlander. I had a feeling this was going to be a tough game based on our previous meeting and it was everything I was expecting and more. In reality I had no business even being close in that game my only touchdown was on a punt return for a touchdown and I intercepted the ball twice when you were in close field goal range. All I can say is that Steeler D is tough.

"baggachipz" wrote:

Whoa, I didn''t know that. Legion you still around? I could play now.

I''m around now.

EDIT: Want to play the regular season game first, and playoff game second? Or other way around?

Let''s go playoff first, because who knows how long I''ll last before falling asleep

Bagga and I are trying to connect, but no go so far.

We''re definitely finding some connection problems on Bagga''s end - though it may be at the ISP level and not through any control of his.

One of the lovely features of using a Linux box as a router is being able to analyze the traffic with tools like ethereal.

When I log onto XBLive in ESPN, I see traffic bounce back and forth between my IP and another IP that certainly represents the XBLive server.

When challenging Bagga, I''ll see a few packets get sent out to another IP. No packets ever come back from that IP. Sometimes, I get ""ICMP Destination unreachable"" errors on that IP, which means some packets I''m sending are being filtered out by someone''s router filtering - [part deleted - definitely an ISP issue]

EDIT: Bagga confirmed to me in PMs that the other IP is his static IP, and after what he said about some DSLReports ping checks showing 95% packet loss and others 0% loss, I''m almost certain that the problem is with his ISP (a conclusion he''s drawn as well)

Sounds like ISP trouble to me. Raise some hell Bagga.

Bagga/Legion: Sorry to hear about your troubles. As I said, these are the playoffs so I''m not going to be doing any coin-tosses. The deadline is fairly soft in the postseason but please make your best effort to get the game played. You guys are the last ones left so use your judgement as to how to best handle it and please let me know when A) the game is played or B) one of you decides to concede. Of course, I''ll be happy to reset as necessary as well. For quicker response, PM during the day and PM+XFire at night. Thanks.

Well we''ll let Bagga scream at his ISP and see how they react.

We should also try again tonight, as the problem may be intermittent, who knows...

I emailed them last night right after we gave up and they haven''t responded yet. I''ll call them when I get home and we''ll see what happens. I figure if we can''t get the games played today, the win''s yours.

Well, I haven''t heard anything from my ISP (shocker) and according to DSL reports the high packet loss (95%) still exists. So I''m thinking the problem will exist should we play, and let''s not bother. Win''s yours... boy am I glad I get to lose a playoff game because of an ISP I pay waaaayy too much for.

Any chance of taking your Xbox to a friends'' house or something?

Good idea. You can come up here, Bags. <10 hour drive.

Do you think that if I put ""Football Playoffs"" on my timesheet, they''ll not ask any questions?

If your boss is cool, he''ll let you expense account the whole trip.