GWJFL3: Round 1

The new deadline is 4/4/05.

New England v Tampa Bay
NY Jets v St. Louis
San Diego v Pittsburgh
Jacksonville v Washington

Frankie, how about Friday anytime after 9 CST?

So bagga and I play each other in both leagues this week. Heh.

Anyone gonna fill us out a bracket? March Madness lives on. (Let''s see just how well Swampy''s vaunted foresight holds up)

Vaunted? By whom?

"Grumpicus" wrote:

Vaunted? By whom? ;)

Well he saw 8-8 coming like it was a 20 foot neon sign - that''s gotta count for something.

Did I mention that I hate you guys?

I can play Friday but I may not be able to play into after 11 eastern I''m married so Friday and Saturday are her nights. So I can''t be sure to when I can get on weekdays most days I can get on around 10 let me know if after 11 is cool with you if not we can work something else out.

"SwampYankee" wrote:

Did I mention that I hate you guys?


On occasion. Now shut up and bracket.

Yeah, after 11e is perfectly fine by me. We can go as late as you want on weekend nights... but if that''s too late for you, Sunday or Monday is fine, too.

see ya then


Always the Bracketer...Never the bracketee.

Round 1 picks:

NE over Tampa Bay

Jets Defense over St. Louis Offense

SD/Pitt depends entirely on which Steelers get off the bus. I''m going to say SD, but the toughest pick out of the 4.

I have a burning desire to see Bagga put a whippin on the insolent Legion. But I fear Jacksonville will prevail.

This would be no fun if we picked exactly the same so...

Round 1 picks:

NE over Tampa Bay...don''t bet against NE as a rule

Rams over the Jets...if the Rams run well they win and the Jets have been a bit streaky as of late.

SD over Pitt...Stric''s Chargers have been so good and so consistent

Jags over Wash...this pains me as well but Legion is the best at controlling his defensive players and thats the difference

I''m willing to throw the game if you guys are willing to pay up.

Highlander, when do you want to play i''m available any day Mon-Thur 7pm-1am PST as well as weekends by appointment. Let me know a time that''s good for you.

I feel a lot of love in this room. I just want you guys to know that.

Maybe this weekend. I''ll post again later.

New England v Tampa Bay
New England - with a quite healthy Patriots team, Corey Dillon''s inability to be tackled will prove to be the deciding factor in the game, even if Dillion comes up short in actual points scored.

NY Jets v St. Louis
NY Jets - Pennington''s weekly interception ritual can prove to be make-or-break for a team who once stood at the top of the league with more points score on than scored, but if Curtis Martin has a good enough game, the Jets'' sack machine will keep the Rams off.

San Diego v Pittsburgh
San Diego - the Chargers'' defensive average of less than 7 points per game, 7 game winning streak and 40-plus sacks is going to prove to be too much for Roethlisberger''s pocket passing and slow release.

Jacksonville v Washington
Jacksonville - with the Jaguars not just winning, but punishing teams with second and third-string players, the first-string offense will send the Jags to the next round. Crucial injuries in Washington''s secondary will not only open up the pass, but make it that much easier for Fred Taylor to burst for long gains or sixty-plus yard touchdowns.

Spy and I tried to play but early in the 2nd quarter we realized the lag was not clearing up and decided to play the game another time. Spy was up 3 - 0 and although I missed my own field goal due to the lag botching the kick meter Spy was very gracious to agree to postpone the game.

*channels Terrell Owens*

""you guys HATE to LOVE me!"" /TO

Spy and I got our game played, it was still slightly laggy but not as bad as before. With the Patriots (thanks to an interception and a couple lucky passes) ahead 27 - 0 in the first half and slated to receive the opening kick-off in the second half the Bucs decided to call it a night and bow out.

Good game Spy! I''m sure we''ll see you in the 2005 league''s playoff race

Second game was a bit different. Lag was still there not as bad, but still there. Certis played a good game and by half time it was 27-0 and Certis graciously offered me the opportunity to bow out which I did. This game brings out the worst in me for some reason and it hasnt been enjoyable since the first league win or lose so as Certis once said Let go of the things you cant control... I dropped from the tourney and I am dropping from the other league as well. Grump you''ll need to find another owner for the Eagles.

Sam Fischer, the Ghosts, and your new Raven Shield buddies will fill the hole, Spy! We just have to get you your own Stan shoulder patch!

Next Thursday the Banking House Mission will be completed.

I can''t stop Fred Taylor, I can only hope to contain him. Sigh. Oh well, at least I made the playoffs. A consistent playoff appearance means that my coaching job isn''t in immediate jeopardy.

He can be beaten Baggs!

He can be beaten Baggs!

Not if he is really trying.

Batting 1.000 picks-wise!

My frustration has been vented... I hate a game that plays one way at one point and then completely different the next... At this point I am just letting it ride and despite my competitive streak - the game will be won or lost and so on and so forth - it isnt worth wasting breath on.

This probably won''t come across nearly as wise as it did to me when I was 15 but here it is (the short version to spare you all).

One day, on the first practice after a tough loss that we felt we should not have lost, the coach called the team together. He grabbed three footballs and told us to pay close attention as he subsequently threw each one straight up in the air and let them hit the ground and bounce into the crowd. When it was done he said the following (paraphrased): ""The football isn''t round. It doesn''t always bounce the same way. The game of football is the same thing. As much as you prepare, you can''t always control the way the ball bounces. You work hard on the factors you can control so that you minimize and adjust to the ones you can''t."" He then ran our ass off for the rest of practice.

The point (as it translates to video football) being, you will never have complete control over what goes on in a game like 2k5. If this is a problem, stick to games like Halo 2 where at least you can blame the fact that your teammates are idiots on other meatbags.

No my complaint was more derived along the lines of the first game performance of the team as opposed to the second game I played. That being said - Certis played a good game and I did not.

I guess I was trying to say that it sounds like the ball just bounced differently for you the second game than it did the first. It''s not all that inconceivable.

I got it :).

No my complaint was more derived along the lines of the first game performance of the team as opposed to the second game I played. That being said - Certis played a good game and I did not.

Know that there isn''t one gamer who has played this version of 2k that didn''t feel that exact way. The game does truly have a strange eb and flow. Regardless of my skill (or lack there of) I have been invovled in games where my team of choice played extremely different then normal and for no logical explanation (a skilled opponent, bad play calling, etc). All that said I have had to adopt a ""when the games over I don''t care anymore"" mentality. During the game all bets are off...poor Grumpy had to hear curse word after curse word during my make or break week 16 game.

Sad thing in all of this is we will probably never see this years glicthes fixed......

Note to anyone playing me in the future. You send me Ready To Play. I challenge you. You accept, thereby hosting the game. After two blown tries doing it the other way around, this was the only way we were able to successfully finish a game. According to ESPN, it was my box that dropped both times and as much as I hate Cox Cable, I''m not inclined to argue.

Anyway, I was ahead when we dropped the first time and frankie was ahead the second game and so at least the third game was a pseudo-best-of-three game. By that time, there were very few surprises left in the opponents'' gameplans and so the third game was an ugly slugfest. Were it not for a lucky run up the middle when the Jets were just trying to run the clock out inside two minutes, it probably would have been a one-score (21-14) game. Ultimately, it ended up being 28-14 and the Jets advance to round 2.

Once frankie gets the chance to run a team from the beginning of the season, he''s going to be a very dangerous coach. I look forward to playing him again in the future. GG frankiemumbles.