Official GWJ MLB2K5 League Interest/Signup Thread

Guys the AL is going to need a commissioner. Between my recent X-Box woes and some work issues that have been coming up I don''t think it is wise to committ to running a league for the next 18 weeks. I would hate to let a whole league down.

I''d still like to take part as a team owner though. If you are interested in being a commissioner, I''d suggest you post here and PM Highlander.

Sorry for the late decision, but I just think it is best.

I always liked that show, The Commish.

Take that how you will.

Well, if Swampy is out and no one steps up, it looks like the two league system will merge into one giant 16 team league (I wish they let us split divisions).

So we shall see how things unfold tonight.

Swampy, you suck.

No I am just kidding. No worries. This stuff here ain''t life and death.

"Warlock" wrote:

I always liked that show, The Commish.

Take that how you will.

Hey Highlander-- I think Warlock is sending you a carefully encoded message. Looks like he wants his blood pressure higher!

I usually ignore anything Warlock says. I missed his subtle cues and facial expressions onm that one.

<winks three times>

<spins around exactly 285 degrees>

<holds up two fingers, changes to 3, then back to 2>

Being commish will probably suck, but I''m just stupid enough to volunteer. I really want two leagues. Let me know what to do Highlander.

1 no
2 no
3 yes
4 yes

If you need a comish for the American league even though I think 2 8 team leagues is a bit silly. It will gives less teams to make Trades and friends who I can''t play cause there in the other league 16 is much better but whatever I can do the comish part for the American League the only thing is I need to be in it so someone for the American league will need to switch to the National and the I can pick and American team lets get started

I''m gonna Commish the AL, guys. I PMed Highlander, and he''ll be giving me the final settings once everyone''s voted and he''s set them all up. Sorry for not posting sooner.

You''re just keeping my seat warm, bitch. Don''t get too comfortable.

Actually, I''ve already had my people remove the ""Uber Wolf"" from the back of the chair and replaced it with ""King of All, and Definitely Not SwampYankee.""

It isa nice chair, though. I''ve farted in in 7... wait... no... 8times already.

I am expecting to get the leagues set up tonight. I''ll post when all is ready.

Stay tuned.

Swampy, you suck.

No! Really?

"Mr.Green" wrote:
Swampy, you suck.

No! I do!

We know Green.

Warlock set up the AL. I''m in.

American League
League Name: GWJMLB2005AL

National League

League Name: GWJMLB2005NL

Please join with the team you received in the draft and let''s have a good season.

I have joined the league. Pray I do not alter it further.

You might want to post the final league info (which teams where) and sign-up info in a fresh thread Highlander.