GWJ MLB Fantasy Draft is Thursday

Our live draft is set for Thursday at 10 p.m. eastern/9 p.m. central. If you won't be present for the draft, go to your team page and pre-rank your players. Your pre-ranked players will be used if you can't make a selection at any time during the live draft. If you choose not to pre-rank, the Yahoo! default ratings will be used when you can't make a selection.

Also, I still only have five payments on the upgrade, so unless I hear differently I am going to assume that the quest to upgrade has failed and I will refund those that have sent in their money. If you want any of the add-ons, it will be up to you to purchase those add-ons.

I will wait until April 4 before refunding money.

Regardless of whether or not it is a PLUS league or not, let's have a fun season

Be there or be square

I will be there and Im sending my payment today Highlander!

I''ll negotitate my father into letting me pay, I will have victory Highlander, just hold out a tad longer

I plan on paying today as well.

SquirrelMonkey, Phragged, what is your team name again?

still no slots for my wife and I to join as the Atlanta Yankees? (note - I wanted to put three ? - but fear of the Certis led me from that path of strife /note)

Do you and your wife want to join as separate teams? It''s head to head so there must be an even number of players. if you do that, each of you would need to pay $10.41 via paypal for the upgrade.

I can check...we had planned one team, but she might be willing to do what we did in our fantasy football league, which was two teams....more to come.

OK. Hurry. Draft is Thursday. And 14 teams will make the picking thinner than Barry Bonds off steroids.

Wife says no on individual teams - so if someone else jumps up, wanting to join - let me know, and you could count us as the other team to keep it even - and we''d be ready for Thursday. Just let me know.

The Nine Stooges

I could get someone to join up with you pigpen, to even this out. I''ll ask him this evening

If Pigpen joins and JDRob gets one more, the cost of upgrading to a PLUS league drops to $8.92.

For those that have paid already, I''ll have to find a way to refund your extra $1.49.

Whats the word JDRob? Gotta get the wife selecting our draft order to whip you all

JDRob? What''s the word. We need to know soon.

Just got a PM from him...he''ll know tonight for sure, but he seems 90% certain that its a yes (one way or another) - I''ll await final word from him tonight, but stand ready to go (I guess I just need to join paypal and also get to the league site and be standing by).

Sent in payment and looking forward to the season. I''m going to try to be there tomm nite for the draft but I''m forgetful so you never know

Highlander, IM me at JDrobZombie on Xfire or AIM please.

Paging Mr. PigPen. Mr. Pig Pen you are about to have a PM in your PM folder that needs immediate attention.

ok highlander...going there now