For Cleveland Indian Fans

The Impossible Return

The way this one's put together is amazing. I remember seeing the highlights on SportsCenter and not believing it happened.

I remember watching that game in college. They happened to have a free preview of the baseball package on cable and, being an Indians fan, I watched all their games that week. It was truly unbelievable. They replayed it on EPSN Classic or whatever it''s called within 36 hours I believe. That game in my opinion is symbolic of the reason people watch sports. As long as there is still an out left, it is not over.

That was very cool. Games like that remind you what baseball is.

That was awesome, Pred. Nice find.

Cool beans!

I remember watching that game as is happened just saying, ""no way, NO WAY!"" My wife is from Cleveland and she was calling everyone is her family telling them to turn the game on. Only thing I''ve even seen like it was the Bills-Oilers playoff game in 90-91?