GWJFL3: Week 16 (The final week of the regular season!)

Whoa, whoa, hey! Peanuts? When did I miss that action?

The stage is set. Highlander must upset the #1 ranked Patriots to guarantee their postseason. Win and they''re in; lose and pray to the tiebreaker gods. Will Coach Certis bench his starters in order to avoid injury or will he Play to Win the Game? Tune in tomorrow for the game of the week.

We uhhh... just finished playing. I benched my starters, Highlander showed the Pats just why the second string belongs where they sit.

Yeah I won. But I just feel dirty about it. Maybe because he benched his starters ... or because he was hacking on me the whole game.

That had to be the sickest game ever. As in really sick. I think both Certis and I each lost lungs to our colds during the game.

I believe the seedings to be as such:
(""strength of victory"" means the total number of wins of the opponents that team defeated - ie. Grump finished with 11 wins, so any team that beat Grump''s Jets has 11 added to their total)

1. NE - Certis (14-2)
2. SD - Stric (13-3)
3. JAX - Legion (12-4)
4. NYJ - Grumpicus (11-5) (Strength of victory: 74)
5. STL - Frankiemumbles (11-5) (Strength of victory: 71)
6. WSH - Baggachipz (10-6) (Strength of victory: 69)
7. PIT - Highlander (10-6) (Strength of victory: 61)
8. TB - SpyNavy (10-6) (Strength of victory: 60)

Which, assuming typical highest/lowest matchups, would lead to these games:
#1 Certis (NE) vs. (TB) #8 SpyNavy
#2 Stric (SD) vs. (PIT) #7 Highlander
#3 Legion (JAX) vs. (WSH) #6 Baggachipz
#4 Grumpicus (NYJ) vs. (STL) #5 Frankiemumbles

Highlander''s strength of victory was very low going into this past week, but beating Certis added 14 to his total, thus edging out SpyNavy by 1.

First off - Poppinfresh is another gem of a player, I''m glad he found GWJ and the sports leagues. A great guy to play with.

Next, Poppinfresh is a rotten bastard that played my defense like a frigging fiddle and crushed my hopes and dreams like they were empty packs of smokes. I COULD NOT solve his offensive scheme. And I knew what he was doing, I just could not solve it! Well played.

But ultimately I must placve the blame for this loss where it belongs: Squarely on the shoulders of Grumpy and Legion for psyching out my team and me with talk of the playoffs. Bastardos!

Pops, I look forward to a chance to lay some payback on you.

EDIT: Good luck to all of the playoff teams!

"SwampYankee" wrote:

I can''t do better than 8-8 guys.

Guess you were right.

"Grumpicus" wrote:
"SwampYankee" wrote:

I can''t do better than 8-8 guys.

Guess you were right.

LOL - I picked on poor Swampy enough that I wasn''t going to make that joke, but damn it''s funny still.

Good thing is that he''s 8-4 in the other league. He''s in good position to make the playoffs there - though technically 8-8 is still possible.

I''m prescient, is all. You should ask me how you''ll do in the playoffs instead of making sport of my mathamatics.

How will I do in the playoffs?

Round 1 loss.

And you will die poor and alone. Threw that one in for free.

Oh sure put me up against ""Leave that which you can not change alone or something like that first"". Blech I hate New England

Hey SpyNavy. Ask Pigpen tonight if he''s actually going to try to play his game. It doesn''t matter, really, but anyway I can reach through the ether and harrass him should not be left unexploited.

Thinking it over some, that really was a good game between Swampy and I. We''d started a previous game where I was looking pretty good, winning 7-0 and threatening again when the server booted us late in the second quarter. We started again and there wasn''t a single punt the whole game. Neither defense could quite stop the other team. There were no punts and no turnovers, just a lot of long drives. Tyrone Wheatley was the player of the game, with 3 touchdowns and 152 yards rushing. I think a field goal that fell just short for Swampy in the second quarter was the real game breaker. He tried an onside kick with about 2 minutes left, but when that failed all it took was one first down to end the playoff dream for the Chiefs. Final score, 21-14.

Guess you''ll have to take it out on me in baseball, Swampy! Is there a charge the mound button?

Good luck to all those who made the playoffs!!

Ohh and Certis sucks for benching his starters and stealing my hopes of backing into the playoffs.

You know, now that I think about it, Grump messed up in Week Four and gave me a loss when I should have been granted a win for attempting to play. So my record should actually be 11-5 instead of 10-6. IMAGE(

So now I don''t feel so bad about *beating* Certis.

Really.....I just wanted Grump to bench his starters...and for my Wr''s to catch the darn ball....whoops sorry.

Not that it mattered but Pigpen won the coin toss.

Legion got the seedings right.

Here''s next week''s thread.

Keep an eye on the boards for an optional tournament I''ll be firing up in the next couple days.

I joined your tourney last night Grumps. Took the Chefs as requested, but they are not MY Chefs, built with love from the remnants of Neo''s Defense

Sorry about the game guys, not being able to do it. Everytime I tried to, either my son with WoW or my wife (her birthday was monday) decided to come up. I''m a rotten commie bastard - didn''t mean to end that way.

That said, I''m rooting for my brother in arms - SpyNavy - I ask that you post when you play, and I''ll see if everyone around can IM/call Certis during the game to provide a distraction. Maybe if you offer Hoochie some coin, she''ll distract him more to give you more of a chance. Go Spy, Go!!!