It's Time to Let Go of That Which You Cannot Control

"Grumpicus" wrote:

Did Randy Moss get traded to the Jags after all? ;)

LOL - one for Grump.

Certis and Fletcher need to kiss now before the tension kills us all!

It''s actually stuff like this that keeps me out of the football leagues, and makes me nervous about picking up MLB2K5. I''m a casual sports fan at best, and you guys take your sports games WAY too seriously. Seriously. Ya''ll are nuts.

I wasn''t a believer until it happened to me. Sometimes you just get a ""dropsies"" game and there''s f**k-all you can do about it. It happens to everyone of course, but when it happens to you, even the best player can fall to the mighty Fletcher. So I''m generally sympathetic to players when they feel the need to vent about how their receivers went on a drop spree.

That''s one reason I moved to such a run-dominant offense. It''s OK to complain about the problem, but insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. My hope is that, when the dropsies come looking for me, my offense will be too busy with 40 carries on the ground (who knows, maybe they did come looking already).

It's nice to see a clear voice of reason in sea of crazy-ness. I to have been forced to run and then run some more to win.....and to this I say Booooooooo (others would say, "boo hoo)!

Anyhow, I am on board with Certis if fellow gamers are really getting their collective feelings hurt. I guess if he is bothering with this thread, then it must be a bone of contention and a bigger problem than I really believe it is. Though, I do deserve/reserve the right to at least comment about the crazy dropsie games and when the inevitable losses do come....I also reserve the right to say the sun was in my eyes. Maybe we can have some stupid Vega's like tagline: What happens on the field stays on the field!

Seriously though, I thought ""voice being on"" was supposed to help with any hard feelings. I have enjoyed games where I was seemingly being robbed and others where my opponent was. I never came across a disagreement either way. In fact it's only in the games where voice is off do problems/bad feelings seems to ensue.

What I never understood are those who take a stance that the game is not an equal opportunity abuser. Do people really believe that they''re being picked on by the hardware and/or software that drives their virtual experience?

OOOH Come on man!

Sorry Grump, just gotta address this because it''s seems like your missing the point in many of the complaints I have made and read from others. Everything being equal, everyone gets picked on equally. But I don't know what proof you need to realize that the game prefers, no often dictates that you run the ball first and pass second. I am not the only player in the league who has recognized this to be a fact. I have experimented plenty now. When my pass totals get to high when compared to my runs...the dropsies, unexplainable throws and wacky route running pattern occurs. I am not talking about plays where the QB is throwing off his back foot or a DB makes a great play either. I do note that some of these wacky plays could be because of player fatigue, moral (this has happened when my team was getting whipped senseless and irregardless of play mix) and I am sure we could come up with list of others. But when an uncovered WR''s start dropping balls thrown from a QB under no pressure...well geesh.

So yeah, call it real football, call it play style, hell call it what ever you like but all I know is I run the ball more now because I have been forced to by the this version of the game and not amazing defense.

No hard feelings on my end, this is all about maximizing the fun factor and not taking things too seriously. No really, ignore my reply to Fletcher and believe it.

Grrr.... nooo... FIGHT!!

Legion are we still playing tonight?

I''d swear that Certis wrote an entire article on this subject at one point (more generally about being a gracious loser). I''m not finding it. Many of the themes in the original post are echos of that article I remember.

"NeoCell" wrote:


Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... my eyes!

I''d swear that Certis wrote an entire article on this subject at one point (more generally about being a gracious loser). I''m not finding it. Many of the themes in the original post are echos of that article I remember.

Along the same lines a bit, yeah. Totally forgot about that one.

Wow Certis. I''m feeling like you''re dead-set on starting a fight here, and I''m just not going to oblige you.

I stand behind everything I said, however. Perhaps sports games are your achilles heel, my friend.

*whines pleadingly* FI-I-I-IGHT!

*Pushes Fletcher into a puddle*



To fan the flames, SpyNavy spent the whole first half of our game in ""dropsies"" hell, and it cost him an opportunity to make it a close game in the 2nd half.

I like to think I lose pretty well, and when I occasionally pull a win out of my ass I like to think I''m fairly gracious at that too.

If I ever bitch too much or whine along these lines, by all means somebody to tell me to shut my trap.

*throws a handful of pebbles at Certis*

When are the leagues over?

At this rate, maybe you two should just skip right to the make-up sex part...

The other day I was in the hall near geometry class and I heard Fletcher saying that Certis'' mom was a ho.

I went to tell Certis but he was busy making out with Fletcher''s girlfriend so I just left.

Damn Swampy, you''re good at that. I''m starting to wonder if you''re secretly a 12 year old girl. Hmmm...

Anyway, I was playing football with Fletcher this week and he told me that he hates Certis and Certis still sleeps with a teddy bear and Certis sucks his thumb like a baby and Certis throws like a girl and Certis is stupid and Certis is mean and stupid and... yeah.

That''s nothing compared to what Certis said about Fletcher last night while we were playing golf...

I heard that when Certis is taking Fletcher from behind he doesn''t even have the common decency to give the man a reach around. Now that''s just rude, people!

"SpyNavy" wrote:

When are the leagues over?

GWJFL 2005 is almost done with week 11 so, not counting playoffs, 5 more weeks (unless you can find a willing replacement owner, of course). Next week is the final week for GWJFL3 (again, not counting playoffs).

I can''t get into the playoffs in #3, but a win in my last game will get me to .500

I''m in contention for a playoff slot in ''05, but I need 3 winn out of the last 5 games to have a decent shot.

I have to go through Certis to get to the playoffs in one of the leagues ...

Hey Fletcher! Break his button-pressing thumb.

NHL 2k5 is only 5 weeks into our 10 week season, plus playoffs.

And somehow, despite me, Andrew Raycroft has won 3 games. w00t!


In the future Mix, we should try to play the disconnects. The lack of stats from that game may hurt us both (you more than me) down the road if PF/PA gets calculated into the standings

"SwampYankee" wrote:

And somehow, despite me, Andrew Raycroft has won 3 games. w00t!

Tell me! You''d totally be 2-3 if the xbox didn''t hate me. Stupid AI!