Barry Bonds -- oops I think I owe him some money now

I just signed up for the Free Fantasy Baseball game on (Yes I know, but I SWEAR I can quit whenever I want to. It's just a matter of willpower.) I noticed this note thins morning:

Note: Due to contractual obligations, Barry Bonds is listed as SF Left Fielder throughout the game.

WTF? I know His Hignesss isn't part of the MLBPA and he not listed in video games, but this is a bit ridiculous. I guess since it's a game, they have to have an agreement with the MLBPA but I just found it odd that its an MLB game, through the Sporting News, and yet they can't even use his name?

I wonder if newspapers, TV, magazines and web sites get a bill from his agent any time they say his name in one of their sports stories.

I love Mighty Joe Young, but he kind of a douchebag sometimes.

I would love to take that prima donna piece of sh*t and make him walk patrols with an infantry unit in Iraq for a week. Or make him work in a coal mine for a month, or respond to EMS calls for a year. Or work in a children''s hospital for a few days.

Maybe it would give him a sense of perspective. God forbid that everyday guys looking for a few minutes of escape from their daily life have <gasp> HIS NAME! on their fantasy baseball team!

Jesus, he disgusts me.

You know what I think would be hilarious?
If the MLB completely went with his wishes and even got with the baseball card makers, and noone used his name for the rest of the season/year. On TV and radio they would refer to him by his number, on his cards they would list his position only.
Basically if he wants to be such a jerk about his name and likeness, go the extreme other way, get him no publicity at all.

Aww man, that''d be funny. I can hear the call now:

""A drive, deep to right field ... going ... going ... its gone. SF Left Fielder ties Babe Ruth with 714 home runs. Congratulations to SF Left Fielder. All of SF Left Fielder''s team mates seem to be gathering to come meet him at home plate ... no, wait ... they have all gone into the clubhouse.""

Scoreboard Flashes:
Henry Aaron 755 HRs
Babe Ruth 714 HRs
SF Left Fielder 714 HRs

*coughs* on Ratboy.

"Mixolyde" wrote:

I love Mighty Joe Young, but he kind of a douchebag sometimes.

He''s an incredible douchebag all the time.


Now the note has changed to

Note: Barry Bonds will no longer be referred to as ""SF Left Fielder"" throughout the game.

This morning I saw him blaming the reporters for his knee, accusing them of trying to hurt him, and then him dragging his kid into the whole thing, making it a Bonds v. the world thing.

I must have missed the incident in which a reporter smashed his knee with a tire iron while rubbing steroids on him.

I have dealt with a lot of paranoid EDPs in my life, and from what I saw this morning, I''d say SF Left Fielder is sliding into insanity. Hopefully (for him) someone can get him some treatment before he ends up saving his piss in jelly jars to keep it safe from CIA testing.

I am sure he doesn''t mind the media attention that gave him such a great commodity as his name and likeness -- so much so that he shucks the baseball players union and demands to be paid for interviews (see John Feinstein''s great book, ""Play Ball"" in which SF Left Fielder threatens to sue Feinstein if the author even uses his name in a book about baseball). All the media attention that MADE him is now trying to tear him down.

Almost makes you wish the Giants never moved from NY. Could you imagine the media scrutiny he would be getting if he played in NY instead of SF?

THAT would be amusing.