GWJFL 2005: Week 11

''m out of town until Sunday night. Maybe we can try to get a game in mid-late evening on Monday with Tuesday as a fall-back? I''m scheduled to play Grump Monday night as well...hopefully very near 7 pm PST. That would give us a chance to get one in a bit later (if not on Tuesday).

I''ll plan on seeing you at 7pm PST unless you tell me otherwise Slothy.

"SpyNavy" wrote:

Legion I will be available all week - M-F at about any given time. That is if you feel like playing :).

Always got trash to talk....

How does tomorrow (Tuesday) night sound?

Sounds great as long as my Xbox will behave. I cant seem to connect to Live at the moment... never had this issue before. Says Live is unavailable blah blah blah, but the site says it is up...

OK, well, if you still have problems, we''ll slide it to a later night

"Stric9" wrote:

I''ll plan on seeing you at 7pm PST unless you tell me otherwise Slothy.

Sorry, Stric. Grump got a chance to crush me before you got on. Can we do it late tonight or early evening tomorrow?

Waiting to hear back from Ejay about playing on Wednesday, here''s hoping.

Nope back online - Certis and I played a game later this evening - well actually Certis played and I just threw him interceptions.

All I''ve got to say is I am just plain flat out disgusted with the Houston Texans at this point in time. Either that, or the game conspired with the gods to prevent me from even having a possibility of success, but either way, I really don''t have the energy to be upset with the way this game played out, but I am supremely disappointed.

I was so looking forward to a battle with the Redskins. I was practicing in Scrimmage for a couple of days, gleefully awaiting the smash-mouth football that I knew was going to happen. And for the first quarter, it looked as if it were about to be just that. The Texans were up, 14-10, after a goalline stop forcing the Redskins to kick the field goal. Win or lose, I was going to have some fun.

And then the fun stopped.

No stupid blitzes, no attempts to be cute, just playing strong defense and waiting for a guy to penetrate to make a play. Clinton Portis runs right up the gut. Texans get through, three defenders all around him, not a single one attempts to make a tackle. Portis then proceeds to run right past the Linebackers, one of whom only dove because I told him to, and the one the AI selected for me was too far away.

The safeties were made Portis'' bitches, but that was to be expected.

After a hard stop by the Redskins, I elected to punt as the game was still a one-score game at 14-17. From the Redskin''s 20-30 (not sure), the returner doesn''t even get the blocking. After sliding past the first wave with some moves, he just runs straight past the defense, at least four of whom had a chance to make a tackle but simply didn''t even turn to try and make a play. He runs it in for the touchdown.

I get another field goal and despite their assignments being right where the pass was thrown, the Texans secondary decides to run away from the receiver as the catch is being made, to put the last nail in the coffin. The defender the AI allowed me to select was the furthest one away from the ball, as predicted.

This should have been, win or lose, a hardly fought fun game, and I may have read the voice wrong, but I don''t think I''m the only one who felt cheated this week.

Yeah, no doubt that some flaky AI moves made this game a bit... specious. It was a hard-fought game, one in which you actually dominated statistically. In that I mean you had more first downs, time of posession, etc. A few freak plays that really shouldn''t have happened led to the difference in score. Davis is a bulldozer; with all honest runs (none over ten yards) you managed to bang out 4 yards per carry against what I pride as a stingy run defense.

Was that your brother in the background I heard heckling? I couldn''t understand what he was saying but it sounded like he was enjoying himself

well actually Certis played and I just threw him interceptions.

Good times, good times. Just a little payback for handing me my first league loss

Since I beat him the Certis has been getting all nasty about practicing again. Keeps muttering while we play, the words ""ignoble"" and ""payback"" are heard most...

"Certis" wrote:
well actually Certis played and I just threw him interceptions.

Good times, good times. Just a little payback for handing me my first league loss ;)

I just didnt think it was very nice of Troy Brown to keep yelling at Donovan McnAbb things like ""What''s my name b*tch"", ""All your passes belong to us"", """"you suxozz"", and ""I pwn''d you"".

You gotta keep in mind the Certis keeps his guys pretty high. Brown was prolly so coked up he didn''t know what he was sayin''.

Yes, yes, that was Legion in the background, heckling as usual.

Sometimes I think he talks just to make sounds.

Legion are we still playing tonight?

Well I just got beat by Legions second string and it wasnt even close. I think it is time to hang up my cleats and stick to other types of games. I think the days of sports games on the console are over for me.


Its 7:00 PM PAC...Where is u?

NNNOOOOOOOoooooo!!! (For you, Certis.)

Stric9 just broke my heart.

GB Packers (5-5) vs. SD Chargers (4-6).

He started off by throwing a 75 yard TD pass to Antonio Gates. Gates caught the pass thrown just over my LB about 12 yards past the line of scrimmage (the safeties were off having lunch somewhere...stupid Cover 2). Stric had 4 sacks in the 1st Q (though, only two more during the rest of the game).

In the 2nd Q, the Packers drove down for TD, but the Chargers came back with a FG. I gave them great field position by giving up two more sacks, but Stric had a great punt return (this was a theme of the game, in fact). The half ended GB-14, SD-10 after Brett Favre ran the rapid-fire offense to perfection, driving 67 yards for a score with under a minute left.

The second half...ugh.

Stric kicked off...not 1/2 second after he said ""I really hate kicking off in the 2nd half"", my returner fumbled the ball on the 22 yard line! Tomlinson would score on a 20 yard run on 3rd-9. We traded FGs before the end of the 3rd to tie it up.

Fourth quarter: After we both got good defensive stops, I punted to Sammy Davis, who returned the punt 91 yards for a TD! I was aiming for the sidelines and *just* missed. He had a great run, sidestepping and weaving through traffic. It looked like there was no way he could have come out of that pile, but the replay showed he really just ran cleanly.

So, Brett Favre gets the ball, down 7 points with 1:38 left in the game. He drives down to the S.D. 23 with mid-range completions, some over the middle, some to the outside. Some great, close play here...I get the ball out of Favre''s hands just as an S.D. lineman crushes him, and the ball floats over the LB to Bubba Franks just before the safety can get there. Wow it was tense.

Once I get to the 23, I had three incompletes. Finally, on 4th-10, Favre nails Donald Driver for a 21 yard completion...and the S.D. defense stops him just short of the endzone. It was closer than the end of the Tennessee/St. Louis Superbowl from a few years ago. However, Ahman Green plowed through the line for a 2 yard score with 10 seconds left in the game.

I thought about going for 2 points, but figured I couldn''t complete a pass or get Green into the endzone. I thought my luck was probably just about up.

In the end, I think I was right. I kicked the PAT and sent the game into overtime. Stric won the toss, received, and marched down for a FG. ARGH! The killer play was a 26 yard pass to Eric Parker...his WRs had only caught 1 other pass all game!! That one broke my back.

Stric played a great game. It was tense and close throughout. Thanks for playing, Stric. Maybe we''ll be able to have a rematch in the playoffs (hey, we''re both one game back at 5-6 now).

Stats Watch:

* Distance between competitors (firesloth & stric9): about 6 miles.

* Average QB rating (Brees & Favre): 95.2
* Full range: 91.7 to 98.7

I had a great game with FireSloth and discovered he was a fellow San Diegan which obviously gives him an automatic +10 to coolness. Anyway a great game and i''m just glad I could squeak it out to keep my slim playoff hopes alive. Stats wise he kicked my ass but the special teams came out of nowhere to save the day with a 42 yard kickoff return and the 91 yard punt return for a touchdown. It''s not often you complete only 7 passes and win, well unless your name is Legion.

"Stric9" wrote:

It''s not often you complete only 7 passes and win, well unless your name is Legion. :)

Heh. You give yourself too little credit - stat sheet says last week when you beat Certis, you completed only 7 passes too.

Obviously it''s all about lucky 7, Super Charger.

Nice hard fought game Neo.

Anytime games are decided by that small a number of points it''s always fun

Anytime games are decided by that small a number of points it''s always fun.

Fun, yes. Tense, yes.

Stric9 - I think I was sweating by the end of that OT game... At first I thought it was just the extra humidity due to the frickin'' rain in San Diego.

Plus, my wife was making fun of the looks on my face near the end of the game. See, we have a strictly closed-door bathroom policy, so she''s never seen that sort of concentration.

Lock and Load, We''re still on for 7pm PST this evening, right?

Lock and Load, We''re still on for 7pm PST this evening, right?

Yep. I''ll log on about 9:45 PM EST/6:45 PST but I might be AFK for a bit. I''ll definately be ready to play at 10 PM EST/ 7 PM PST. Do you use a headset?

"Lock&Load" wrote:

Do you use a headset?

But, of course. Don''t you?

Ejay mentioned playing today at 7PM, I''m sick but dammit, I''ll be there!

"Certis" wrote:

I''m sick

I knew if I coughed on you long enough, it would pay off.

I knew if I coughed on you long enough, it would pay off. :)


Just as well Ejay had no voice, I would have driven him to distraction with all my coughing. The game itself was really exciting, I don''t know that I''ve played such a statistically close game before. In the end it really came down to who got the final points on the board, if we''d played another five minutes he could easily have tied it up again and on and on

Ejay tied the game at 20 with 30 seconds left by breaking off from his Faulk/Holt passing game and hitting up Bruce and McDonald for the first time in the game. On my final drive Brady managed a 64 yard pass to Branch for a TD with only 14 seconds left in the game. We traded scores almost the entire time and the only major difference in our games were that Bulger threw one pick and Brady didn''t. Oh, and New England got seven sacks to St.Louis'' two. I had to blitz more than I usually would since I couldn''t stop his passing game for crap with a more conservative defense.

Great game Ejay, it really felt like a chess match.

League advanced to week 12. No games went unplayed. Woot!