GWJHL2 Week 5!

"ColdForged" wrote:

Does that mean I''m playing baggaflab this week? If so, let''s get it on, sweetcheeks!

Bump? Nobody loves me, I swear to Green.

Tu sais bien que je t''aime, petite salope.

I''ll take a small salad also please. What''s the house dressing?

A creamy surprise from ze Chef and his crew Monsieur.

That''s just plain gross.

Hey Green, I''m back home. Are you able to play tomorrow (Thu) evening? anytime around or after 9:00pm EST should be okay with me.

I''m playing hockey (for real) at 10:30 and I have to leave the house at 9:30 MAX. This is a bit tight but it could work if we start at 9.

Sure, I''ll try to hop in as quickly as I can. If for whatever reason we can''t connect tonight, I''m avail all day tomorrow (yay long weekend!).

Yeah Holdiday Pay and short weekend!

Ugh, I''m still at work Green, its looking tight to get started right at 9 for you. If I don''t show right at 9 you should liberally curse me out and then move on. If we can play tomorrow, that would be great, but given my lack of availability this last week if need be I''ll take the loss from grand master Certis so we can move the schedule ahead.

Green and I hooked up for the battle of Canada (excluding Certis, of course) for a nail biter of a game. I managed to squeak out the win 3-2 only due to Cloutier playing very strong -- the amount of offensive pressure Green put on, in particular in the third, was remarkable. Great game Green, a lot of fun (although more tense than I like it!).

Thanks also to Green for his patience in getting the game in, and apologies to everyone for holding up the move to the next week. I think we were the last game, so commish let''s roll ''er on forward!

Coldforged and Bagga still have to play, deadline is Sunday ladies.

Yay I wasn''t last!

We''re playing tonight. So there.

Yeah great game Marlin. Stupid AI!

Everybody beats me. Why Dog Why!?

Yeah, and now you can welcome me back to hockey action, Green. Prepare for more heartbreak!

Oh no not you!

He doesn''t have Francis this time out. He''s ripe for payback!

ColdForged gave me a nice welcome to the league last night, beating me 3-2 in double overtime. We both had opportuities to win the game easily but he doubled me up in shots on goal and overall played a better game. We had a good time though. Green, don''t think this means I won''t beat you like a rented mule when we play.

Thanks for getting your games played everyone! I''ll roll the week forward once ESPN is back up.