ESPN MLB2k5 Baserunning issues.

This may explain why we all can't get the hang of it:

Good I dont feel so inept now - I still feel clueless, but I dont feel inept.

You have to be slown and deliberate. Pick your runner and hit the trigger ONCE. I''m doing better. Still can''t hit though.

I tried the digital controller thing once. I didn''t realize that the guys just keep on going until you do something else with the controller. Hit right, I guess. I turned a triple into an out. Argh! I wish there were some command for ""run to the closest base and stay there, you idiots.""

Has anyone had much luck with stealing? I guess it largely comes down to the speed of your players (which it seems you are supposed to have memorized), but I get picked off a lot while trying to get a decent lead. Baserunning is the worst part of what is otherwise a pretty fun game.

P.S. I''m feeling inadequate with my non-Shrek avatar...

Running is tough, thats why you have to remember to hit the trigger only once! Once I got the hang of that I started doing better.

I miss Intellivision baseball.