2005 NCAA BBall Tourney Pickem

Ooh, Grump has pulled up and tied me for first.

Am I winning yet?


"LeapingGnome" wrote:

Ooh, Grump has pulled up and tied me for first.

Help me MSU, you''re my only hope.

"Badferret" wrote:

I agree with Warlock, not sold on Illinois or Big Ten for that matter. 2 Big Ten teams in my sweet sixteen, none in final four.

Championship game: UNC over OK St.

Hmm, I wonder if this quote has anything to do with me being in 13th place?

This has been my worst bracket picking in a long time, grats to those who have 3/4.

Good weekend games, but last weekend was better.

In the pool it looks like if Illinois wins Poppinfresh has it, if NC wins it''s all Edgar Newt with me in second by 2 points!

Go Illinois! You''re my new favorite school! At least for a day!


UNC showed up as a very talented team, and Illinois just couldn''t make the shots down the stretch. UNC wins, for what feels like the fiftieth time.

And Edgar Newt wins! Congrats!

Damn you Bucknell!

Congrats EN!

Thanks all. Close at the end. Very close.

I finally one something. Who knew?

This was the Women''s bracket, right?

Thanks to all for participating.

Until next time....

I was so close too!