2005 NCAA BBall Tourney Pickem

EDIT: Oh. I had LSU going to the Elite Eight. WTF. What was *I* thinking?

I had them going to the Sweet Sixteen but then losing to Southern Ill.

Southern Ill over OK State, huh?

We shall see on Sunday.

"Warlock" wrote:

Southern Ill over OK State, huh?

We shall see on Sunday.

I''m going for the big upset.

In regards to 0 scores, from yahoo:

Note: We are currently working to correct a problem that is causing both team scores and group standings to not update. Scores will be accurately updated as soon as possible.

Indeed... here''s hoping they get them fixed ASAP.

Jeez... 4 games in to a 16 game day, and I''m sitting at 50%. Something tells me Friday will NOT be good...

3-1 so far. But both of my 12 seed picks are yet to come. Through 20 of the first 32 games all my sweetsixteen teams are alive.

Looks like they got the scorekeeping problem taken care of. Most of us are close enough, though, that it doesn''t make much difference as of yet...

Holy crap, Syracuse lost! I had them going to the final four, that hurts.

"LeapingGnome" wrote:

Holy crap, Syracuse lost! I had them going to the final four, that hurts.

I had them going to the sweet sixteen. It was a bit of a suprise to me too.

I had them in the final four too. Ouch!

Jesus Christ.



(Sorry, I''m drunk.)

Syracuse and Kansas were the only losses that hurt me today, I had Kansas going to the Sweet Sixteen. But damn, Syracuse...

I had Syracuse and Kansas going to the Elite Eight! Why? Why?

Bucknell won? I just can''t believe that. A friend of mine is a professor at Bucknell-- I''m sure he''s gloating away...

Only one guy in the entire competition has 32 points so far: http://tournament.fantasysports.yaho...

I had ''Cuse hitting the 16, but Bucknell''s win over Kansas was my real bracket buster. I had Kansas upsetting UConn to then lose to NC in the Final Four.

Us locals know that you can always count on Syracuse to choke on their own vomit in times of crisis.

If it wasn''t for Carmello Anthony almost single handedly winning an NCAA championship, Boehiem would still be looking for his first NCAA championship.

Anyone remember the gag job Cuse pulled with Richmond years ago?

Like a late breaking horse, I''m hangin back in the pack, but with Texas Tech''s win and all my final four teams intact, I''m still in the race.

I think all my Final Fours are still intact. But otherwise I suck. I pick too many cinderellas that turn out to have really big and hairy feet that no glass slipper will slide on.

Bear, yes Syracuse didn''t play a great game ( Well really just McNamara stunk, but he has always been a really streaky player), but Mid Major teams are just plain good, especially in the first round where a Mid Major''s bench is not as big of a factor. The Cuse just got beat, by a team with less overall talent for sure, but I wouldn''t call it a choke job.

Well I''ve lost two of my Final Four. Stick a fork in me, I''m done.

Wow West Va over Wake Forest - what a great game.

"SpyNavy" wrote:

Wow West Va over Wake Forest - what a great game.

Awesome game. It kept going, and going, and going.. and finally it was gone. I was rooting for WVA all the way. I like the upset games.

Although I was fairly happy to see UK take out UC. It''s become a yearly tradition for me to watch UC choke in the tournament.

Yup. Wake out in Round 2?

I''m officially screwed. I had them winning the damn thing.

Guess it''s time to just root for the underdogs/teams I want to win.

Damn, Wake and Syracuse out? I''m screwed.

For all that these games have been death on our pools, they sure are a lot of fun to watch. Watching these upsets is great!

This just in: I''m not good at picking these things.

Be interesting who''s first with all 4 of their final four out.

I didn''t see the game, someone please explain to me HOW THE HELL UCONN LOSES?


This seems like a really deep field this year. Usually I expect a 1 seed to win the vast majority of the time, but this year I could see a much lower seed take it. At this rate, I may be interested in the tournament to the bitter end. Most years, by the time it becomes UNC vs. Duke in the Final Four I''ve become bored.

UCONN, Syracuse, and Wake Forest gone - hahahahah. Now I must check for more signs of Armageddon - oh yes look cats and dogs getting along singing kumbaya - the end is nigh.....

How''d everyone do yesterday? I did pretty good with all of my teams advancing except Texas Tech, but it''s today''s side of the bracket I am not looking good on, I just hope NC and KY win.

Pretty exciting tourney here, with 3 of the 4 Elite Eight games going to overtime. That Illinois game on Saturday was crazy! Looks like some people did pretty well at picking the Final Four, and there are still lots of people who could win...