GWJFL 2005: Week 10

So then what was the problem, Bags?

You wanted redemption, firesloth. Here is your chance. My Browns are set to lock horns with your newly acquired Packers and the week is almost over. Can you play this evening?

What a twist of fate! The rematch is on...

This evening is perfect (since I leave town tomorrow morning for five days). How does 6 pm or 7 pm sound?

By the way, I promise that I had nothing to do with the previous G.B. owner dropping...if he met with an unfortunate ''accident'', it had nothing to do with my desire for redemption.

Ok, I feel like some football. How about tonight?

"PsychoKillerZ" wrote:
"baggachipz" wrote:

Guess who just listed a ""barely used"" xbox on eBay.

Mental Note: Don''t buy a used xbox on ebay anytime soon.


No no, I really put the one I just bought on eBay. No fraud going on here. I figure I''ll keep the old one (since it works) and sell the new one for more money. As for what the problem ""was""... I''m not sure. All I did differently was use a different Cat5 cable from the router to the xbox and also used a different port on the router. There were still times when the connection got crappy, but it never dropped. Could have to do with the fact that SpyNavy is practically down the street from me so it was a little more tolerant of the lag, not sure. I won''t celebrate too much until I can play more games without a drop.

"baggachipz" wrote:

No no, I really put the one I just bought on eBay. No fraud going on here.

Oh. I must have been confused. And here I was starting to think of you as a sneaky criminal mastermind.

Well, he did steal back Green''s jacket. Does that count?

Hi Grump,

Stric and I need a reset, I was up 10 - 3 and about to get the ball back in the 3rd quarter when the game crashed and gave Stric the win.


Well, I had my chance at redemption, playing Psycho in a well-fought game this evening. This time I pulled it out, 42-14, the last score coming on an interception return for a TD with under 2:00 to play.

There were signs throughout the game that I was about to give up another lead, but Favre had an exceptional night, completing 73% of his passes while throwing 5 TDs against an overmatched Cleveland secondary. Donald Driver showed some mad electronic skills with several not-quite-believable catches on his way to 238 receiving yards, and Ahman Green only fumbled once (for a first down!). G.B. also had a 99+ yard drive for a TD that started after the 2-minute warning in the second quarter.

Psycho played a good game, scoring on two long drives (although, the first was only long in yardage -- I think he smoked me for about a 70 yard pass DB was beaten so badly that he headed to the sideline while the ball was still in the air). He was driving for a sure third score when one of my beer-swilling cheeseheads cut off his pass for the INT.

Thank goodness this game was played against Psycho''s beloved Browns. I don''t think my ""skills"" would have pulled me through in a more even match-up.

Thanks for the game, Psycho!

Bagga and I played a great game as well. The Skins and Portis were moving at will in the first half, but when Philly put together a 2 minute drill scoring TD run before the end of the first half it started to shift things towards the Eagles. TO decided that he could not be stopped by Fred Smoot and at one point took advantage of one on one coverage with no safety for a quick score. Even Freddie Mitchell had a nice grab in coverage and despite being a legendary underachiever he made some contributions also dropping a wide open nobody around for 20 yds pass (You are so fired next season). Finally, the Eagles D showed up and Patrick Ramsey of the Skins began to have a very long day giving up a pick for a touchdown (Sheppard for a 77 yd return)and despite the Eagles fumbling away a second pick (Sheldon Brown you dipstick) it was all Eagles in the second half. A third pick (Dawkins had a heck of a game) and a newly discovered running game in the 4th Qtr (all my run yds came here for the most part) put it in the history books. After a gloomy last couple of games the Eagles appear to be ready to play strong as the season heads to a conclusion. Bagga played a good game and we laughed quite a bit about the frustrations with the game, but it was fun and Portis is deadly, but Ramsey was either hot or cold.

Crazy stat of the game from G.B. vs. Cleveland:

Jeff Garcia completed 6 passes for 247 yards. Thats an average of 41 yards per completion.

Hell, his yards per attempt were respectable at 9.5 ypa. I think I have to have a little chat with my safeties about giving up the big plays....

"Certis" wrote:

Stric and I need a reset, I was up 10 - 3 and about to get the ball back in the 3rd quarter when the game crashed and gave Stric the win.

Done. Just as a general FYI, I turn of regular IM when playing WoW because the pop-ups cause the focus to change, but if you hit me on Xfire, I''ll Alt-tab out and get it fixed right quick.

Edit: I''m glad to see the return of some quality post-game recaps. Thanks guys.

Donald Driver = the devil.

Good game, firesloth.

Loganrapp, are you going to be able to play tonight?

I listed my other game at 8pm EST/5pm PST.

I will be busy from 7pm EST until 8pm EST, then I have my game (if he''s ready for it), and then we can play afterward...?

My availability will be way cleared up tomorrow and Thursday after 2pm PST if that won''t work for you tonight.

Would 10 EST be possible? I am not even sure if I can make that yet. I''ll have to let you know.

If I cannot make it, Grumpicus should award you the win because you seem to be for sure going to be there and I may not be.

Stric and I plan to play at 9PM PST tonight.

Logan you around? You ready to play?

EDIT: AH I thought the deadline was tonight. OK So maybe Wednesday night if we don''t see each other on tonight.

Hey, Highlander.

I barely had enough time to play my other league game. Tomorrow about three-fourths of what''s taking up so much of my time will be finished, so we will definitely play tomorrow, barring some insane freak thing.

10pm EST will work just fine if that''s what you need.

The sports gaming gods have pushed me to the ground and kicked me in the nuts tonight. It actually began last night when I was winning 10 - 3 in the 3rd quarter and my Xbox froze. That was nice but hey, Stric is a good guy to play with so I don''t mind going again.

Cut to tonight''s game. As usual we''re playing a defensive struggle but I finally drive down the field and get a field goal. Later in the second quarter Tom Brady was knocked out of the game with a back problem and we went to half-time. In the second half things unraveled quickly. Stric put together an excellent drive which ended in a TD to bring him up 7 - 3. On the kick-off, my returned fumbles the ball on my 27 yard line and Stric recovered it. No special moves or anything weird, he flat-out got hit and dropped it. Lucky for me and my defense, we held him to a field goal which only put us down by a TD. Unlucky for me I never touched the ball on offense until the 4th quarter which was really too late.

Dillon made a valiant effort but in the end Stric got the ball back and killed the clock. It was a pleasure playing him as usual and it looks like Tom Brady snuck onto the field to finish the game, I didn''t even realize it until the end.

Good game Stric! The Pats are now 7 - 3.

Oh Discordia.

Well I want a refund on my voodoo doll purchase - I definitely said I wanted a season ending injury for Brady - not just part of a game.

The funny part was I was getting 4th and 1, 4th and inches decisions left and right. Twice I pulled Brady out on 4th and inches to run with my back-up instead and save my poor QB. Damn you football gods!

Stric9 and SwampYankee.

Say hello to your new football gods, bitches!

The funny part was I was getting 4th and 1, 4th and inches decisions left and right. Twice I pulled Brady out on 4th and inches to run with my back-up instead and save my poor QB. Damn you football gods!

We know you didn''t want to hurt your pretty boy qb, but I hurt him anyway muhahaha! A great game the whole way through in fact between Highlander and Certis I had two extremely close and tense games last night. It was almost too much for me to take as every play was so crucial in both games and it went on for three straight hours.

Stric9 and SwampYankee.

Say hello to your new football gods, bitches!

That''s the funniest thing i''ve read all day Swampy and I as a new football god I declare this my new signature.

Enjoy it while you can, bud! I have a feeling I have a rude awakening coming at the hands of Grumpy and his Ravens.

The Ravens extended their losing streak to 2 last night with a loss to Neo''s Colts.

So far the trade Neo and I made has helped us both.

Grump and I had yet another epic in-league (he whoops my arse out of league) struggle last night. But sadly for him I continue to be his bane. It was a raining day game that all but dictated my game plan for me. That's right, pass happy Neo ran, ran and ran some more. In a strange turn of events Grumpy passed, passed and then passed some more.

After Grumpy hit a field goal with time winding down the game was tied at half 10-10. The second half was all about the 4th quarter and the final 4 possessions. Grumpy milked a couple minutes off the clock and scored just before the two minute warning. I was playing for a tie and overtime at this point. Running the two minute drill I scored on a pass to TG at the pylon that had to be reviewed by the booth. So I tied the game but left 43 seconds on the clock. As you all probably know, 43 seconds can be a lifetime in this game. Grumpy received the ball and started his seemingly inevitable march to the game winning score. After moving the ball to near midfield the unspeakable happened"….Kyle Boller who played lights-out (finished with over a 100.00 QB rating) the whole game threw a pick on a comeback route. My DB (computer controlled) jumped the route and the Baltimore WR just stood their. A few plays later I kicked a fairly short game winning FG that was made more difficult by my 3 year old daughter deciding to hang on my back.

I feel lucky to have escaped with a victory. As always Grumpy was a top notch sportsman. He even gave me the opportunity to set up my defense at one point, when of course he did not have to. I scolded him that after. 

Funny game stats: Boller more then held his own against Manning passing for 291 yards and 2 TD's and had two 100 yard receivers (Johnson & Lewis). Manning passed for 179 with 2 TD's and no100 yard WR or TE. They both finished with passer ratings over 100.

Back-up RB Dominic Rhodes out rushed Lewis with 140 yards on 30 carries to Lewis's 85 on 13. With most of Lewis's yards coming on a big break away run. I like to say my defense held but that would be lie and my guess is that Grumpy could have ran all day if he stuck with it.

As always TG was clutch and came up with a few big catches in the 4th. He finished with 95 yards and 2 TD's

Stric9 and SwampYankee.

Say hello to your new football gods, bitches!

And Neo

What idiot approved that thing anyway?