Swampy Beats Certis in 2005 Football League

This deserves its own special thread.

Today, Swampy and I played our league game and he won 13 - 3 in a very well executed game. The turning point was when he got the kick off in the 3rd quarter and proceeded to mount a 6 minute and 30 second drive which ended in a TD making the score 13 - 3. Turns out the Patriots can't score when they don't have the ball on offense

My only real mistake (aside from not making a key defensive stop or two) was forgetting to use my time outs at the top of the two minute warning. I didn't even think to start until there was only 1:10 left in the game. Bah!

Good game Swampy, you earned this one after months and months of thrashings

Wow, I mean, it''s not all that hard to beat Certis but good job Swampy! If my connection ever works, I need to get thrashed by you pronto.

And true sportsman that I am, I did not remind him of the clock situation The only thing I did differently from our usual games was that not once did I try to run pitches against that 3-4 defense.

I think I used up all of my luck in that contest. It''s going to be a long 6 months before I accumulate enough to beat him in anything again.

Based on my well-rounded experience of 1 game against Certis and his Pats, I also found out that running outside of the tackles against the Pats just doesn''t seem to work. It''s not even a matter of one guy covering the play-- by the time I was outside the tackles, there would be three guys waiting for me. Running inside the tackles was far more useful, especially with a power running back.

Way to go Swampy! Feel free to use my bucket!


Thanks Green. I plan to fill that at the Fleet Center, though!

Congrats Swampy!

Thanks Neo. Your ex colts were a big help. And no throws to my TE!

Thanks Neo. Your ex colts were a big help. And no throws to my TE!

I pretty much figured we were both getting great deals. As for my vaunted Colts D...it was addition by subtraction.....they had thier best game of the year verses the Chargers...they held LT under 100 easily.

The CB I got from you was my lead tackler.