GWJFL 2005: Week 9

Grump and I was a battle of the titans. Jimmy Smith was King Drop for most of the first half, including dropping one right into Ray Lewis''s hands (he''s getting a fine for that one).

Grump couldn''t get Jamal Lewis going - he broke one 51 yard run but only got 53 yards on the rest of his carries. Fred Taylor was, of course, my team''s backbone, with 161 yards.

Grump was up 17-14 and I had the ball on his 8 yard line with 1:01 left. I intentionally ran the ball into traffic on 3 plays so that I would only get 2-3 yards at a time, and force Grump to use his last 2 timeouts. I got the ball to the goal line, 4th-and-inches, and ran the clock down to 7 seconds. It was either I make the TD and win, or get stuffed and lose. I ran a toss to the outside and scored. Nothing you can do about that - on the goal line, you HAVE to stuff the middle. If you spread out to defend the outside run, a quick audible to an inside run will sink you.

Hell of a game - Grump played sound run containment and forced me to build drives piece by piece with 4-5 yard runs, instead of breakaways. A couple of runs I had to truly pull out of my ass.


My deepest, deepest apologies. I drove back to my hometown in the middle of the day to deal with some business I have for a summer occupation, but I got mixed up in a lot of things while there and couldn''t get away until now. If by some miracle you''re still on, I can play right now. If not, then I forefeit my match as this was totally my fault.

FYI, I forgot to do this this morning so I''ll be advancing the week when I get home tonight. Thanks.

WTF happened to my ""the week is advanced"" post? Bleah.