ESPN MLB 2k5 League SETTINGS discussion

I''m thinking pro all the way - just not sure how many games will be fun in 1-0 all star pitching mode...although since I''ll be the one throwing the shutout usually, it won''t be bad for

I can''t hit the ball for the life of me at the Rookie skill level. Pro will be more than enough as far as I''m concerned.

Oh, and that Slamzone thing really is {ableist slur}. Mr Green is the one I need play!

en francais or in english...I''m there!

You really speak french Pigpen? I guess I won''t be able to get away with french insults like I do with the rest of my lesser-language-speaking friends.

OK, I agree Slamzone is stupid. But as for the batting, its simply practice and familiarity Green (and Spy). Play more. You''ll hit it on Pro. Don''t give up! I want you guys in the league!

How do you use the left thumbstick, exactly?
How much and in what circumstances do you use the power swing?

Also, I saw there were multiple interfaces for pitching and batting. Did you guys try the others? Are the default ones really the best?

K zone is the best pitching interface and true aim I feel is the best batting interface.

Yep. What he said.

I haven''t completely figured out the batting interface. It seems to me that sometimes my aim is going back to the center and I can''t figure out why. Still, I don''t strike out so much as I hit everything into a simple infield out every time. Having a good time playing the game all the same. Need to play some folks online at some point.

WTF is with the base running - how do you switch between people and when did the Marlins employ a bunch of monkeys as base coaches. Uggghhh, 1 out, bases loaded and a short pop out fly and they all ran - Aieeee - you dipsh*ts get back on base....

Baserunning can be horrid. In that case as soon as it is hit to RIGHT TRIGGER or RIGHT D PAD. I have lost SO many baserunners to stupid advances, it has effected a few games. Even when I try to take control of one runner, they all go. You have to select the runner, then hit the base you want him to take on the D Pad (I think).

So everyone knows, there are video tutorials on all aspects of the game on the game CD

Yeah I almost fear getting more then one guy on base because of this....

One should almost never use the triggers when there are more than one baserunner, except to retreat.

So everyone knows, there are video tutorials on all aspects of the game on the game CD

Oh really? Thanks sweaty errr sweety, I''ll definitely check that out!

Certis and I played another on Pro, 3-2 Red Sox over Dodgers. All three of my runs came off of bad pitches on Certis'' part.

Base running continues to vex me. I am vexxed.

I cannot wait for the league to start. I enjoy football a lot, so I don''t want to wish that away, but this league will be great fun too.

Let''s try to get a game going this weekend old friend!

I''ll be away this weeken, sorry Green. I want to play you and avenge my ass-whippings on the ice. Perhaps Sunday night or next week, but soon.

Hey Green if you want to play this weekend, I might be up for a game.

Cool highlander, my SO works this weekend so I might have a lot of time off, but then again, I''ll might ski a lot... I''ll PM you, or something.