ESPN X-Box server side problems?

Last night, with no previous indications of a poor connection: 2 NHL games dropped (1st and 3rd periods) and one NFL game (3rd quarter). All league games.

The only one I got to finish was a pickup game against firesloth.
And golf went fine - not an ESPN game.

I'm getting a little pissed.

EA probably bought the exclusivity on internet usage related to gaming.

I don''t think it is my connection. Other games don''t have the problem, and other guys are reporting similar stuff with the ESPN titles as of late.

Psycho and I had a terrible football game the other day. Everything was in slow motion until it dropped.

So maybe it''s *NOT* my xbox and/or connection!?!? I hope this is verified before I run out and plunk down cash for a new freakin'' xbox.

I''m not talking about horrible lag during the game. I''m talking about sudden drops and the ""Network problems"" message. Having played through this and having played you I think it is 2 seperate issues.

Oh yeah, well you smell. Actually when i played Psycho the other night there were only a few hiccups but then it dropped as usual. But I''ll still go buy another xbox because I''m a chump.

Had the same prob last week with Spy. In my travels through the espnvideogames forums a month ago, I found some interesting stuff about how Microsoft screwed them over and/or they shot themselves in the foot with server-side incompatibility issues. Now that they''ve been sold off, I wouldn''t be surprised if maintenance on the game servers is falling through the cracks.

Swampy, according to ESPN, I was the one who lost connection last night. Knowing Cox, I wouldn''t be surprised... Given that the only two games I''m really playing right now are 2k5 and WoW, I couldn''t tell you if it was really my connection or server issues. That being said, Azureus seems to run fine with no periods of reduced transfer.