Fight Night is out!

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"jmdanny" wrote:

used sales and ebay mean EA gets zero percent profit from your purchase...

But EB is especially evil, so don''t buy used from them. Thank goodness you didn''t buy new there, their preorder bonus on Round 2 was to kick you in the groin.

Ebay is also evil, and just raised listing fees on all the helpless small merchants, so don''t buy there.

Man, we keep this up and we won''t be able to buy anything from anywhere.

I''ll be damned, I just thought what Highlander said made a lot of sense.

Anyway, I bought the game last night but I didn''t get the chance to play it yet. I''ve only been fooling around with the ""Create a champ"" feature that lets you model your own boxer and I know EA probably had to sacrifice a few babies to come up with this stuff but it''s very impressive nonetheless.

XboxConnect is not piracy...

No I know that but I thought Ed was suggesting to rip the game on a modified Xbox to play it online without Live. I had forgotten he cancelled his Live account and didn''t understand why he wanted to do that. My bad Ed.

Huh? Did I just miss something? Yea the reason with going to Xboxconnect or xlinkkai is that I don''t want to go through the hassle of Live again just for a few matches.

Why did you drop Live anyway Ed?

He needs to save all the money he was spending on fun on other things, supposedly

I''m still mulling over Fight Night greenie, I have some games to trade in, but Brothers in Arms has me totally excited and I can only afford one game purchase this month.

You have all the shooters you need. Get Fight Night! You''ll get Brothers in Arms when the PC version is released. Problem solved, free of charge, because it''s you.

I need a laptop for school and work. Monies need to be saved.

I might pick this up tomorrow afternoon sometime. Just thought I''d let ya know.

If i do, I might be up for some fisticuffs tomorrow evening.

I will be picking this one up over the weekend most likely or the next time the Missus drags my Grizzly Bear ass out of the cave I like to call my office. I want Certis to get it so I can punch him for every time his Pats have beaten me. Oh yes - punch punch punch Uppercut, uppercut, body blow body blow.... Name the game?

Punch-out in the arcade, of course.

Good job :). I loved that game.

I''ve got it. Picked it up at Gamerush for 34.99 when I traded in a couple other games. I love it, the create a champion feature is really pretty ridiculous. The amount of options on the face is nuts. toss me IM and I''ll hook the xbox up to the ole Live and we''ll have a couple of fights!

If you buy the GameCube version, it comes with Super Punch-out as a bonus feature (making up for the lack of online play?). It isn''t even an unlockable, it is on the menu at boot. Yes, I still read my Nintendo Power subscription.

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Punch-out in the arcade, of course. :)

You got it, Glass Joe.