MLB 2006

Anyone picking this one up this week? Being the baseball game whore that I am, I'm thinking about grabbing it but I'd like some folks to play against. Even if it was a bit dull, in my opinion last years version (MLB 2005 ) had the best pure gameplay out there.



EA bad.

Edit: EA Sports Bad.

EA Battlfield 2 good.

MLB 2006 is a 989 Sports game, not EA. Will I get it? Can''t go online with my PS2 so I suppose not.


Ok whatever.

I have no PS2. So my final answer would be ""No.""

That is the only platform I don''t own.
There are only a few titles I miss, not enough to justify another platform purchase.

ESPN''s baseball plays a good game. The Certis and I played a game on All star last night, and it plays a tough game. Tough but fun.

Speaking of 2K5, All star does play a damn good game, the cpu still throws 90% strikes though. Makes for a low pitch count. It will, however, bunt on you when you least expect it, especially with a fast team. The Twins were bunting like crazy the other night. Caught me totally off guard.