GWJHL2 Week Three

What, and miss The Usurper throwing his weight around like a beleagured, acne-ridden goth teen? Not a chance.

Sometimes it seems like you''re joking and sometimes you seem so angry about the usurper thing. It''s ok to admit that deep down inside you''re just a sad panda after the absolute spanking you received in the Stanley Cup finals and the subsequent regular season game.

Obviously I had to take over after it was shown that you weren''t man enough for the job. Or around when we wanted to get started.

I won''t deny my amazing feats as a choke artist when it comes to you and the Flames. And, to be honest, I didn''t realize I wasn''t around when you and Swampf*ckER wanted the league to start so the usurpation was a bit of a rude surprise. So, perhaps there''s a bit of real edge there that shines through on occasion. If only I could apply that edge to the humiliation of those pansy bastards you call a team -- and especially that gaping bungholed, sneering, falsetto-talking Iginla - I''d be a happy displaced martyr.

Instead, I''ll take potshots and get humped on :).

I really am sorry, I sometimes get itchy when it comes to getting things done. I was thinking ""Coldforged has been MIA for a couple days and tends to be once in a while, maybe I''ll take the reigns and keep the ball rolling since I''m obsessive compulsive about visiting the site"" all the while Swampy is whispering in my ear ""Do it.. do it.. do it.. DO IT.. DO IT!""

I THINK he was talking about the hockey league.

Well, allow me to welcome our new hockey Overlord, Mr.Green. This is not the same Mad Canuck from last season, this is a Canadiens team in good hands. He may come in here trying to say something along the lines of ""undeserved"" or ""luck"", but know that he has come a long way since last season and is a serious, serious contender. Awesome game as always, Sweetcheeks.

Ok, as Reaper and Legion could not get a game in despite the extended deadline I flipped a coin and Reaper takes the win. They also win an award for worst attempt at planning a game... possibly ever.

Mix gets the win over Swampy as we discussed and the week has rolled forward!