GWJHL2 Week Three

Things are moving slow, and my meager sk1llz are deteriorating!

"Reaper81" wrote:

Legion? Hello?

Sorry - I''m around. Let me know if Sunday gets better than a ""maybe"", and if so, we''ll go then.

Two games left to play people!

I should be available Monday until Ghost Recon 2.

CF and I are set for tuesday night.

Waiting on Green vs. Coldforged and Reaper vs. Legion.

Get your games played!

And Swampy vs. Mixolyde.

And Swampy vs. Mixolyde.

No, that one is done. Don''t question me!!

Errr okay but why...

Don''t question me!!


Sadly Swampy and I had two games die of net issues. The first one only after about 5 minutes, but the 2nd died with about 5 min left on the clock with me up 3-1. We decided to just call the game there. Can you force that win Certis? Thanks!

Don''t. Question. Me.

Whew! Was starting to think you''d forgotten to do that for us.

Pfffft. Play your game until you succeed!

Will someone think about the stats?

I let Mix make that call and I am OK with that given all of the server side problems lately.

Well, I could probably try again tonight if you picked sometime after 6 EST...but it only counts if I win or tie!

I''d feel like I cheated you if I won. Unlikely, but possible. I''ll be online tonight, if you see me and you want to chance it message me, but NO hard feelings if you don''t!

Coldforged and I can''t play our game, ESPN Videogames is down.

I''m out to ski tomorrow night like every wednesday night so I won''t be able to play before thursday night. Sorry about the delay Mr. Commissioner. It''s not entirely my fault and I''ve always been one of the firsts to play his weekly game so don''t yell at me.

He''s afraid. Afraid of the power. And the stench, to be honest.

You guys should have played an offline game, I don''t know if waiting until Thursday night is really an option.

Offline game? And what about my awesome trade huh?

And why waiting for thursday wouldn''t be an option?

And why waiting for thursday wouldn''t be an option?

Because the schedule is one week and as of tomorrow (Thursday) it will have been 10 days. I won''t advance it tonight since there were issues yesterday (one day past deadline already) but I don''t want to let things go on and on because a couple games can''t get their acts together, it''s not fair to the rest of the players who want to play and actually get a season done. And what if there are issues on Thursday? What if someone misses their game? How long do we go here?

You have tonight to play, if you can''t get it done I''ll flip a coin (or you can plead your case) and we''ll move on. There''s a reason I tend to get league games played in the first couple days of the week, gives you time if there are issues.

He speaks for every frustrated ex-commissioner, BITCH!

[size=9]except he has the juice to back up his threats[/size]

I certainly wouldn''t take a victory on Coldforged over a coin toss and I''m sorry but I certainly won''t cancel a sport activity to play a video game, especially considering that the skiing season end is pretty near. So if you really have to advance it tonight then give the win to Coldforged.

Will I be pissed about it? Hmmm honestly, yep. All I''m asking for is 24 hours and CF and I have always played our games in a very timely manner. I understand you have to draw the line somewhere but at the same time it''s a very small league set in a very controlled environment so it''s pretty easy to keep things on track without having to use such drastic measures imo. If one of us would be missing in action I would understand but I''m assuring you the game will get played thursday night, even if we have to play it ""offline"".

That''s all I can say. It''s your call buddy.

All I''m asking for is 24 hours

Actually, since the deadline was two days ago, you''re asking for 72 hours, but I''m nit picking.

Tell you what, give me a compelling reason why you guys didn''t play this past weekend or even last week and I''ll extend it. You can''t schedule a game a day after deadline, have issues and proceed to get all angry with me because I want to keep the games moving. This isn''t asking you to skip real-life stuff to play virtual hockey, you''ve had more than a week to get this game played.

Compelling reason? I dunno, real life?

I didn''t hear from Coldie until the 4th and after that I guess it was my fault. We were all set to play on Friday but I showed up 15 minutes late. He was online when I got in but by the time I got to the lobby he had left. I played a game with you after that, remember? I was leading 4-0 and you managed to beat me 5 or 6 to 4. God I hate you, but that''s not the point. I''ve been out with my girlfriend all weekend after that, I played Ghost Recon with you guys on Monday and ESPN was down last night. So there it is. If you don''t find that compelling enough I can always invent a story about the death of my mother or something.

I''ve played pretty much all my games in the first 48hrs. Can I have credit for that?

I was leading 4-0 and you managed to beat me 5 or 6 to 4.

It was 6 - 4.

Alright, special for our precious princess'' I''m extending the deadline to Thursday at midnight.


Your skiing is tearing this family apart!
<runs from room crying>

Just make him donate a dollar for every day he''s past due

Tonight''s ski got cancelled for ""other reasons"".

The good news is that I''ll be available to play our game, Coldforged, if you even visit this site anymore

if you even visit this site anymore

What, and miss The Usurper throwing his weight around like a beleagured, acne-ridden goth teen? Not a chance.