Signs of defiance?

Notice how the "2k Sports" logo is much more prominent than the "ESPN" in the baseball game?

I am hoping this means Take 2 and VC are trying to build some brand recognition for next years games, whic we all know won't be ESPN as ESPN has been purchased by always hungry maw of Satan known as EA.

If VC/Take 2 make a football game with no NFL or NFL player affiliation, and it is a reasonable progression form this year's "ESPN" product, and has improvements in League play and game play, that would be, as Bagga is wont to say, "Lovely".

1) Give the possibility to gamers to trade teams, rosters, logos over Live.
2) Register a ""EACANSUCKMYLEFTNUT"" Live account.
3) Make this dedicated gamer do the real teams, rosters and logos and make him share them.
4) Take a dump in a bag and send it to EA''s president.*


I say that a lot? Lo- er, great. And yes I yearn for the situation described above. I''ll cancel my ""[email protected]"" account and register the new one.