GWJFL 2005: Week 8

The new deadline is 3/1/05

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh
Indianapolis @ San Diego
Kansas City @ Houston
Baltimore @ Philadelphia
Jacksonville @ NY Giants
St. Louis @ Detroit
Washington @ Green Bay
New England @ Carolina

SpyNavy, I'm available most nights after 2100c/2200e.

Looks like it''s time to bring the Patriots to Carolina Dutty! Pick a night/time and I can usually make it work.

"Certis in the week 7 thread" wrote:

I think right now Bagga''s internet issues are going to prevent him from playing any complete games, it''s going to be a bumpy ride until his internet provider gets off their asses and fixes it.

I wish it were that simple. I''ve been in contact them, and they say they''ve monitored my connection for weeks and that it''s not only flawless, but so good that they could ""use it for commercials."" They''re a small-town operation so I want to trust them, and they''re responsive. I just got a new netgear router, and ditched my WET11 bridge and turned my WRT54G into a bridge. That''s what I used with my game with Warlock, and it still dropped. I''m going to try a couple more things, but I don''t know what or why this is happening. I''m on a different channel than all other access points around (I''ve checked) and I run 64-bit WEP to keep other people from using the connection. Anyone else know what the hell to do at this point?

Try killing the security for a game and see if it makes a difference, I think with my old Wet11 I had the similar issues and killing security on the router (when I was on Live at least) helped.

OK, maybe I''ll do that and restrict wireless to my bridge''s MAC address. Thanks for the suggestion.

Probably a stupid question but do you have the latest firmware update. My DLink router had similar problems until I updated to the latest firmware revision.

Oh I certainly do. My netgear has the latest and my Linksys is running the most recent sveasoft in order to put it in ""client"" mode (to act as a bridge).

Get a really long Cat5 cord for game nights.

Heh, that would be just about every night of the week. Wives love it, puppies love chewing on it.

Neo, I am available only tonight or tommorow night this week as I will be out of town this weekend and a bit into next week. I am available tonight or tommorow between 7pm-1am PST let me know if you can go between those times.

Who be the Browns?

Logan, Friday night? Saturday Night? Sunday afternoon?

"Highlander" wrote:

Who be the Browns?


When are you available to play Highlander? Honestly for me it may not be likely until Monday. But if you give me an idea of when you''re around I can try and work something out.

I could theoretically be on around 9:30 p.m. central time, any night this week (although I''ll probably be looking to play some baseball this evening). I might -- MIGHT-- could swing something during the daylight hours this weekend if need be. So just let me know. But MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL is fine with me.

Ok I will see where I am available over the next few days.

Not sure what happened to Neo we were supposed to play last night and he never showed. Hopefully we can get the game in tonight if not it will have to go to coin flip as I will be out of town until next wednesday.


Sorry about that, just PM''d you. Pick a tiem tonight an di will make it happened.

The short story is my 3 old daughter took ill and i was tasked with putting her to bed. Lets just say I didn''t wale up.

Let do this tonight!

Who be St. Louis?

I''m on my work computer, so I can''t check too easily.

Who be St. Louis?


I title this ""Could Have Been My Nightmare"":

Stric and I meet on the gridiron and trade big plays but by halftime I was up 21-14 and getting ready to roll in the 2nd half. Stric gets the ball first and I stop him on 4th and 1 in his territory. I tell him he should review it because if I get the ball this deep in his territory I am bound to score and possibly blow the game wide open. Upon review...the game freezes and doesn''t report.

Que my nightmare....

Stric and I restart and the first thing I note is the dark skies and horrid rain. Not exactly Peyton Manning weather if you know what I mean!

I get the ball first and am forced to punt but mistakenly try a 70 yard field goal. Next drive Peyton is sacked and knocked out of the game.....he would later return to lead the winning drive. Sorgi comes in and promptly fumbles the ball which Stric picks up and runs in for a TD. 7-0

The next possession I drive the down using some dumb luck mixed with a dose of TG and new found running game. Rhodes then decides to fumble on the 1. Stric drives down the field and scores. 14-0

Via divine intervention the halftime score is 14-10.

I really don''t remember what happened from here on out except that with the score 21-17 and Stric driving for the game winning defense decided to start repenting for past sins. With Stric poised to drain the clock on a run heavy drive he was faced with a 3rd and 7. Stric pitched out to the sure handed Tomlinson who got to the edge and already had a 1st down....when out of no where a fully charged Nick Harper speared LT and forced a fumble that begin to change the tide of the game.

At this point it was obvious the game was ready to even things out. Peyton returned to his position under center and Colts were ready to stampede. A quick drive left the score at 24-21 and Stric with 4 mins to take the lead.

Stric did of course drive down the field and take a 28-24 lead but left 1:50 on the clock.

But with no time outs left and the clock ticking down PManning threw a TD over the middle to the newly sure handed Reggie Wayne. The clock read .08 and the game was as good as over.

This was definitely a nail biter and Stric was a worthy opponent. Sorry about the cursing Stric!

Warlock I am St. Louis. I can play Sunday afternoon or Monday after 5pm CST. Let me know on this thread or PM me, thanks.

My game with Neo last night is why I play this game. A nailbiter to the very end, one of the best games I have played just pure awesome. But I will correct one thing he scored and left me 4 seconds, and I hit a hail mary in that 4 seconds but my receiver got stopped at about midfield. Great game.

How''d Gonzo do for you, Neo?

Ugh. Just lost to Logam 10-3. Much like my loss to Baggs, it just felt like I was spinning my wheels. I never got any momentum going. A few missed opportunities on my side of the ball, and that was all she wrote. Felt like it was over as soon as it began.

Logan should have a much better recors, BTW. His running ability is superb.

Ugh. Just lost to Logan 10-3.

I say this without a touch of sarcasm (no really) that your new defense held him to 10 points. Not too shabby at all!

We both pooched field goals, so it could have been 13. But I am terribly dissapointed in my offense once again. Either they are red hot, or the SUUUUUCK. No middle ground.

I don''t understand why he has such a bad record. He plays a great game.

No reply from Dutty at all yet, missed his last game too didn''t he?

How''d Gonzo do for you, Neo?

Lets just say he was happy to join the Colts offense. 8 catches 180 yards and 1 TD.

Warlock I am St. Louis. I can play Sunday afternoon or Monday after 5pm CST. Let me know on this thread or PM me, thanks.

Tonight''s not good for me, Ejay, but I can do tomorrow night... I have rehearsal until 9:30pm... say, 10pm, EST?

Monday 10pm EST it is, cya then