GWJFL3: Week 11 (New Deadline: 2/23/05)

"Grumpicus" wrote:

Interesting. It didn''t mark either of you as having dropped connection... so I guess the server went down or something.

It told us that the ESPN service was unavailable, or something along those lines.

The ESPN servers have been having problems all week, Grump. In hockey Reaper and I had a great connection and in the late 2nd period it called the game for network issues. There had been no lag and voice was crystal. That had happened the week before with Demi and I, and has happened to Certis and I and others in Football, so neither person is the disconnecting party. It really sucks when you have a good game going.

Ummm...just for everyone''s sake...I would like to thank Neocell, who after telling me how to properly juke a defender with my QB, proceeded to rush and break Vick in half - you all will now be facing my mighty falcons with some unknown (I don''t even know his name) at let you walk in fear mortals!!!


Oh, God! LOL. How ironic. I''m sure Neo was only trying to help.

That''s why I never run with Trent Green. But then, Ejay still ON PURPOSE stomped on his foot and broke it after a sack. After the whistle! I haven''t forgotten Ejay! Payback is coming! And she''s riding a fast horse called ""Week 16""!

Funny part was Vick was having his best game, 4 for 5, for 100+ yards and a TD to Crumpler, like a 158 rating - a first for me - and even funnier, we didn''t notice he went down...we must have been chatting, until a halftime report got me worried who I had lost...

and voila...number 8 behind center AIN''T Vick!


Vick Compound Fracture - Leg Out - 15 Weeks

Ouch. Looks like it may be time to start sniffing around for a trade!

Certis, have you looked at my record...I think I''ll stick with what I have and just keep working on getting better at the game lol

Sorry about Vick Pipgen. Though it was really funny how it happened and how we finally realized it.

Time to develop your west coast passing skills (something Vick hasn''t doen in real life).....and run like a maniac!!!!

Might want to look to Pittsburg for a trade though. Tommy Maddox should have a decent rating.

Well.. Psycho and I got ours played.

It sucked, and I haven''t been that angry because of any game in years.

I haven''t thrown a console controller since the days of the SNES. The one I threw then was already crapping out and the buttons weren''t working, which was why I threw it. Anyway, back to the point. I threw my xbox controller tonight. Dumbest most assinine thing I can remember doing in months. But there it is.

Psycho and I had a semi-lengthy discussion about having direct control of what''s happening in a game, as opposed to games that do things a certain way regardless of your input on the controller, making you more of an audience than anything else. That''s how I feel when I play NFL2k5 and things aren''t working.

Should have been playing Halo.

Grump, when you advance the league, don''t forget that I get the win over [no user]. Me. The Highlander. Gets the win. In the ""w"" column.


League advanced to week 12. Swampy gets the win over Bagga. Fletcher gets the win over [NoUser] after JMJ drops from the league.

and someone gets the win over me without Vick!

and someone gets the win over me without Vick!

I bet if you ask him nicely, Highlander with give you Maddox.