GWJFL3: Week 11 (New Deadline: 2/23/05)

It awarded you the win, so Grumpy has to get us reset, and then we can play.

sorry...i''m around...just thought you couldn''t play until monday...or I would have been up for a game. msn didn''t reach me, and I was in wow either playing or spending most of the weekend with my son and his THREE new alts...sigh

so...when my friend...

"Fletcher1138" wrote:

WTF? Mojo and I were playing our game (and I was coming right out of the gate with a stunningly effective offensive drive, BTW) when we got disconnected.

How do we get set back up?

1:13, eh? That sucks. Game reset.

I''m already committed to play a game w/ highlander in GWJFL2005 tonight at 10pmEST. There''s no way I can play another game after that and still do my job tomorrow.

I am free literally all day today. What''s your sched Mojo?

At work until this evening. Want to try 9PM?

Gots to be earlier bro.

Gots to be earlier bro.

Actually if you play one game at 9PM EST you''ll be done in time for your 10PM game.

"Certis" wrote:
Gots to be earlier bro.

Actually if you play one game at 9PM EST you''ll be done in time for your 10PM game.

True, Breathy. But if I could get just one person to play during the 48 hour period in which I''m sitting around doing nothing but waiting to play a football game ...

Whew. That took a lot out of me. I think I''ll go lay down on the couch and read a magazine.

Alright mojo, if 9pm is the best you can do, let''s hit it then. Although if you could make it even a half-hour earlier, I would consider it a personal favor.

I know, I know... shhhhhhh.... you play at 10PM and by god, it''s 11PM by the time you''re done! And then what? Bags under your eyes the next day, you''re snapping at people for no reason and sleeping under your desk at lunch.


"Certis" wrote:

And then what? Bags under your eyes the next day, you''re snapping at people for no reason and sleeping under your desk at lunch ...

Actually it''s more like I''m overlooking obvious safety hazards, forgetting to build things to code and/or spec, taking my own fingers off with power tools, etc ... but hey, what''s a little workman''s comp between friends? If I end up in the hospital, that just means more time to play NFL2k5!

That would be difficult without fingers.

"Grumpicus" wrote:

That would be difficult without fingers. ;)


Grumpy has a strong point Fletcher, you need your rest.

Maybe if I could just shave a bit off my sausage fingers, I could stop hitting the wrong buttons.

Maybe.. but knowing which buttons to hit in the first place would be much more helpful.


Just sent you another PM. How about 1:00PM Pac?

"Grumpicus" wrote:

Maybe.. but knowing which buttons to hit in the first place would be much more helpful. :P

Hey! HEY!. You don''t like how I leap high into the air when I com upon one of your runners?

Mojo, if you''re out there I am on and ready.

So after 45 minutes of waiting, I''m willing to say that this game isn''t going to happen. Your call as to how to handle it grumps. I''d just as soon you give the win to johnny as a consolation prize for all the misery he''s about to endure what with the new kid and all. But however you want to do it is fine by me.

Psycho, A few hours after I got your PM, I realized you meant 9 to 9:30 Pacific time. Had that been Eastern, or even Central time I would have been good for it.

There''s no way I''m going to be up that late. I get up for work at 5 in the morning, and usually head out the door before 6. I''d get less than four hours of sleep.

Can''t afford feeling terrible for a whole shift at work during inventory week. I have a thousand things to do tomorrow, and there''s no way I''ll get it all done if I don''t get some sleep.

If it''s possible to play tomorrow evening, I''m home at 4 Eastern, and I usually head off to bed around 11.

If not, Apologies Grumpi. We tried.

Sorry Thin_J ... I''ve been in communication with Stric9 about my other game and I must have forgotten to put PST in there somewhere. Very sorry we couldn''t hook up tonight, but if it''s still available I will try to meet with you tomorrow PM. Send me a message when would be good for you. ''evenin


Pigpen left me a message.....though I had left the house and given up on him. I sent him a PM with times I can play during the next two days.

So if you want to extend ..please feel free.

Give it to Fletch. My bad man, I thought when you said that you couldn''t do 9PM, you weren''t going to be waiting. I should''ve checked. Grumpy, give the man his win and go ahead and drop me from the league.

Thin J, how does 6pm PST sound to you?

It looks like there are a couple of games across both leagues that would benefit from an extension. The fact that I won''t be around to do the rollover tonight coupled with the late notice forces me to make this a two-day (really only about 36 hours from now) extension. 1) Please take advantage of this to get your games played. 2) Please stop waiting until the last day to get your games in - it doesn''t allow any make-up time for things like disconnects or unanticipated RL difficulties. GameCal updated.

I wish I could take advantage of this, but I just can''t. I''m already booked for Tonight and tomorrow night.

I don''t think any one person is at fault for my and Mojo''s inability to get this game played. Aside from actually starting and attempting to play it once, we''ve both been trying like mad to schedule the event and then reschedule it after the server dump last week. It just hasn''t been possible to make it a go for whatever reason.

I''d prefer a coin-toss at this point.

"PsychoKillerZ" wrote:

Thin J, how does 6pm PST sound to you?

That''s about as perfect as it gets for Tuesday night my friend. And right after it ends we can switch over to Links

And Grump, sorry again about the last minute stuff. I believe this is my third league game, and my third one played on the night of the deadline. But at least I''ve played them. Right? ... right?

Anyway. I''ll make double effort this coming week and totally harrass whoever I play to make sure we get it played, before the weekend if possible

We so got disconnected right as we started the second quarter.

It was even turning into a good game. I managed a touchdown, but Psycho stuck me in the endzone on first down an exchange or two later and I ended up punting to his fourty yard line or so. The game dropped us with him in great field position at the beginning of the second quarter, and me with a one touchdown lead.

Curse you ESPN! CURSE YOU!


We were both playing good football, and the game decides to shoot us in the collective feet.

Depending on how late golf runs, I might ask Psycho to try again later. If it''s too late, we''ll give it another shot again at 9EST tomorrow.

Interesting. It didn''t mark either of you as having dropped connection... so I guess the server went down or something.