GWJFL3: Week 11 (New Deadline: 2/23/05)

Clash of the Titans. I wish I could watch that one.


I just PM''d you.

I can play right or now we are going to have to find time on Sun or mon.

I am usually available during the week m-f 7:00Pm - ?? Pac but will be out tonight and tm. I will be out Sat as well...

Let me know what your schedule is like..

Mojo, if you''re out there ... I can play tonight after about 45 minutes or so from now.

Bagga, it''s 8:10. Don''t make me hunt you down, boy. Come git yer whippin''

Well, two PM''s and two in-game messages to Legion and still no reply. Ball is in your court at this point homie.

Fletch, I had some internet hiccups here and have been unable to connect to Live. Can you play tomorrow?

"Certis" wrote:

Well, two PM''s and two in-game messages to Legion and still no reply. Ball is in your court at this point homie.

Let''s roll this weekend, my nizzle.

Let''s roll this weekend, my nizzle.

Saturday before 4PM CST or Sunday looks pretty open. Let me know what time you want to play.

Bagga''s connection wouldn''t let us play.

"baggachipz to his provider" wrote:

Well, it''s been 9 days since I sent my last email (no reply) and my
connection is still unreliable. Unreliable in the sense that online
games are unplayable, and my voip phone is useless at times (like
right now). My speeds are acceptable (I just measured 1604 down, 285
up) but I have packet loss and high pings at my antenna. This is not
why I pay twice Adelphia''s rate. I understand that your business is
expanding but I can''t help but feel neglected.

Very slim chance I''ll be able to play tomorrow. Saturday night or Sunday are more likely candidates.

That sucks, Bag. Back when I first got cable it blew, then got great. Then UConn put cable modems in all of their dorms and it killed my bandwidth for a few months. Then they put up some huge fat pipes for the school and now my speeds are great again, but I recall what it was like when my service was spotty and unreliable. I feel your pain.

I know it hurts more than having a RARE Mike Maslowski interception negated by a dropped connection...BUT I''M HURTING TOO! <sniff>

Not to worry, swampy, I''m sure your kicker or QB will pull down an INT next game.

Let''s roll this weekend, my nizzle.

Still no details on when to play. Bah.

I can''t play today (Saturday) but Sunday is clear. Give me a time to play if you want to get it done, I''m done worrying about making this happen.

PS: Get your hockey game with Mix done too, we''ve been waiting on you guys for a few days now!

Sunday at, say, 1:00pm Pacific.


02/20/05 12:00PM Pac ...just PM''d yah ....feel free to counter the time!

Oh, do you know the muffin man,
The muffin man, the muffin man.
Oh, do you know the muffin man,
That needs to play his game?

Sunday at, say, 1:00pm Pacific.

*counts on fingers*

3PM CST. See you there!

"Certis" wrote:
Sunday at, say, 1:00pm Pacific.

*counts on fingers*

3PM CST. See you there!


Mix and I are playing our hockey game tomorrow, as he''s not around today to do it. In our defense, we HAVE made one actual attempt at play so far. Damn connection just wouldn''t have any of it.

Mojo, I''m free all day today so shoot me a PM or an IM when you can play. My IM buttons are all current.

Okay...I am getting no futher responses from Pigpen. I will keep trying though.

Legion and I just had a good, close game. I never held a decent enough lead to keep him from running and running and then running some more, devouring the clock as he went. I was ahead 17 - 14 in the 3rd but on a 3rd and 18 pass play Legion drew a pass interference call that allowed him to continue his march down the field to score. With that lead in place I only had one last shot in the 4th quarter and Givens dropped a 3rd down pass that he swears was rain related. We accept no excuses in New England and had him flogged.

After that, Legion ran and ran and ran time off the clock (4+ minutes) and so the game ended. He kicked a last second field goal to practice, it was good.

Nice game Legion! I''m sure I''ll see you in the playoffs

PS: Tom Brady throwing 3 picks didn''t help either

Great game. My game plan was simple - stay the hell out of 3rd and long, and not let you sic your love mistress on me: the 3 Man coverage. I will have to break down that scheme in a strategy corner.

Great exchange between me and Certis towards the end of the game:

ME: ""So tell me the truth - before you audibled, did you call the strongside toss or the weakside stretch play?""
CERTIS: ""Uhm....... uh, no comment.""
*chuckling ensues*

Psycho and I can''t seem to make it on at the same time for our game. We''ll get it done before the deadline hits though.

Way to stick it to the man, Legion!

Mr. Muffin and I played our game this afternoon. A good battle that started with him stopping my two opening drives with interceptions in the red zone. He''s also very good at making goal-line stands as well. Today was his first game with the Ravens playbook and I count myself as lucky to have gotten him before he figures it out. He''s a little too used to the Colts'' style of play (Travis Taylor: 7 catches for 282 yards and 3 TDs) but once he figures out the Jamal Lewis (6 attempts for 13 yards) is on the team, watch out. He''s very good to play with and he only talks in all caps when he''s yelling at the kids, or the dogs, or something like that.

I still had a bye this week, right Mr. Commissioner, sir?

In this league, yes.

WTF? Mojo and I were playing our game (and I was coming right out of the gate with a stunningly effective offensive drive, BTW) when we got disconnected.

How do we get set back up?