Stupid question. How do I save/load a season? I can save my profile at the end of the game, but if I turn the xBox off, I have NO clue how to load my season back up.

If I have to take my Tigers through the starting Royals series one more time, I''ll kill myself.

It doesn''t give you and option of saving before you quit? It does on franchise mode. I don''t know about season.

Oh, I know how to save, and when I look at the profile, it shows the game, but when I go back into Season, it just tries to start a new one... I don''t know how to load an exisiting season.

You probably have to actively go into Save/Load, then Load season. That''s what I seem to have to do to load up my saved settings file. Apparently it''s not smart enough to load up the settings by itself.