BoSox...feh! I wish to smack them around.

Actually,funny story:

I was playing some guy last night, BoSox vs Yankees in the stadium. Pretty good game even though he pulled the cheeseball trick of trotting Curt Schilling out to replace David Wells in the 7th (Wells probably hurt his back ). Anywho, game is tied 2-2 into the 12th inning when for some crazy reason he decides to bring in Kim (yes, he''s still on the roster, all 6 million dollars of him) with none on and one out. Well, you gotta know what happens next. 1-1 count, smack, its outta here! Game over. Even fake Kim can''t win the big game against the Yankees! The Red Sox should get more players like that .

Sorry I misunderstood Swamp - I see the word yankee and bad things happen in my mind...bad things man!

Picked the game up at EB yesterday - played 3 innings to finally learn how to hit a little. Then, saw Certis on, and voila, we decided for a 5 inning game - so...12 innings later, I''m really starting to enjoy this game. A lot of little details...but its fun to play someone and not get creamed (point of order - note extreme moodiness brought on by repeated ass whuppin''s in football). Was a good game, and I''m proud to say, since I doubt it will ever happen again, that I actually prevailed on the mighty Certis (if only because he thought it was only 1 out, runner on third, when it was 2 outs, and he had the easy play at first base, but threw home - but I''ll take any victory I can get). We didn''t generate much offense, each coming in with about 9 hits - the hitting is definately tougher than the defense and pitching.

If anyone is around 9ish tonight after SpyNavy''s D&D, I''m up for a game if you see me.

Finally - WTF? The Braves have only won 13 division titles in a row, and they are ranked 14th overall...WTF? I mean, until someone displaces them for the division title for God''s sake, they should be ranked no lower than 8th beginning of the season...EVER...I mean...EVER...

Yeah, the Mets are ranked higher. I like that.

EdiT: don''t forget: these are pre-season rankings. They''ll change when Spring Training gets going I''m sure.

I mean...hell...that fact alone denotes the game designers were smoking crack that day while working on the game!

See my edit. Damn, you''re a fast poster!

they are already at 12th after the download last night

I finally got the game yesterday - sorry we didnt get to play Pigpen I was beat and now even more tired after we tried out fantasy Grounds - all I can say is wow on FG. Maybe we can work a game in later on. I need to learn to play first.

On FG, I think what you get with the full version is a LOT more than our Lite you have the fun tools!

You can probably upgrade if you so desire - not sure how that works.

I''ll probably be picking this up for the PS2 this weekend -- here''s my question: can you save in the middle of a game? My gaming seems to be interrupted fairly regularly these days and I''d hate to have to quit after six or seven innings.

Bah the games graphics are sweet and the pitching interface is good but batting is freaking ridiculous in difficulty

Ah, you just need more practice Spy. Playing on Pro or All-Star?

Swamp, I look forward to playing you, because I''ve been practicing alot, and I just don''t see someone practiced or not scoring more than 2-3 runs on me on pro or all star...but thats just me...

that said, you can beat me 1-0 as spy did pretty easily...haha

Better lucky than good I always say Pig...

Edit: I played Pigpen and I have no idea what the settings were.

"Duffman" wrote:

I''ll probably be picking this up for the PS2 this weekend -- here''s my question: can you save in the middle of a game? My gaming seems to be interrupted fairly regularly these days and I''d hate to have to quit after six or seven innings.

My roommate has it on the PS2, and he says no. But he also hasn''t figured out how to do half the stuff, yet.

According to the reviews - no you cant save.

no saves - its abrupt ending still has me baffled what they were thinking...oh well.

Settings for the games I put on were on Pro Spy.

Hitting is yough on All-Pro, but can be done. Certis and I just played a game that was 5-5 at the end of 9, and ended on a walk off homer.

I think players that don''t spend much time with this one will get frustrated, as a lot of it is familiarity with the hitting interface. Something for everyone contemplating joing the league to consider.

Swampy and all - I''ll be gone Friday for about 10 days to see my kids - IF you start the league during this time, please consider me a member of the league.

My 3 choices for a team are - in order - Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Braves, and the Braves

Thank you for you time...

We won''t be starting that soon, Pig. We''re going to wait for the football leagues to hit the playoffs before we start the signups, that way the guys with more limited gaming time won''t have to choose one league or the other.

Honestly despite my batting challenges I enjoyed the games I lost far more then the football games I lost. At least i was losing to my ineptitude with the batting interface. Highlander says you can see the pitch as it leaves the hand, but it is beyond me at this point. Tips are appreciated.

I dunno. I always try to watch the pitch move relative to something. Sometimes you can watch the shadow of the ball to get a good feel for it or see it move against the mound. Try no to focus on JUST the ball. I know it sounds silly, but it helps me.
Hey, if noone can play crimson skies tonight do you want to play a game or two?

I wont be home until around 1130PM EST, but if you are on I would be more then happy to play.

OK, I''ll look for you then. Hopefully I can stay awake; it''s been a long day.

No worries another time - hit me on Xfire if available - SpyNavy is the tag.

As far as the League goes - I would like to put my hat in the ring for the Marlins.

Sorry I couldn''t accept your invite last night SpyNavy, but I was just finishing a SP game before going to bed. We can play one soon, I need all the practice I can get.

You and me both - my batting is teh suck as you kids say. I won my game last night with a luck home run. Batting seems to be beyond me at this point.

"SwampYankee" wrote:

Prederick: I want my albums back.


"Prederick" wrote:
"SwampYankee" wrote:

Prederick: I want my albums back.


Jeez, that post was so long ago I had to look it up.

The ""I want my albums back"" was in referrence to finding out youe were a Yankees <spits> fan.

You see ""Albums"" were what we called these huge vinyl disks that music was recorded onto before you kids got your newfangled ""compacted disks"" and ""Empee-Threes""