GWJFL owners wanted (4/9/05: STL [GWJFL 2005] available)

As of 3/12/05, the Green Bay Packers are available in GWJFL 2005. Veteran and rookie owners welcome. Apply via PM (to me). Thank you.

Dang. Guys are dropping like flies! Too bad.

No worries, Swampy; I''m on the job.

"Grumpicus" wrote:

As of 3/14/05, all teams are taken. Welcome, firesloth, to GWJFL 2005. Please watch this space for more information. Thank you.

Well, Firesloth seems to be trying to corner the market on the NFC North.

Yeah, I''m trying to prove I can run both franchises into the ground! Favre will come out of my next game with a broken femur; Ahman Green will fumble, necessitating a chewing-out by Mike Sherman, which will lead to a homicide right there on the side lines. It''ll be interesting....

(The most important thing for the next game, however, is to extract some revenge on Psycho for that 21-20 loss! Wish me luck, since, after the way he played in the second half yesterday, I''m going to need it.)

The St. Louis Rams are available in GWJFL 2005. There are only 3 games left and they are unlikely to make the playoffs without winning all 3 but if someone wants to get in for the fun of it, drop me a PM.