GWJFL owners wanted (4/9/05: STL [GWJFL 2005] available)

"SpyNavy" wrote:

Pipe down and take your Ritalin Fletcher - its ok these nice men are here to help you.

d00d! I just have this thing about avoiding playing with 12-year-olds or those who act like them. Call me silly, but I thought that was kind of what we were going for here.

I''m sure muffy and mumbly are terrific and wonderful people and will be a joy to play with. I''m just making generalized observations. That''s all.

Welcome all newcomers, may your Xboxen overflow with love and joy.

"Grumpicus" wrote:

Well I must say I was surprised that none of the existing owners pounced on the Baltimore Ravens before Mr. RUTHLESSMUFFIN.

While I would have appreciated a better starting record than I got, I''m only just now starting to get used to the Colts. Switching would be like learning the game over again, and I haven''t even finished learning it the first time yet.

Besides.. if I had been in this league from the start my record would likely be just as bad, so why not stick with what feels right?

Fletch - I was joking mate (mumbles to himself about the lack of funny here).

"SpyNavy" wrote:

Fletch - I was joking mate (mumbles to himself about the lack of funny here).

I''m with ya Spy. I just didn''t want the new guys to feel any more harassed than was necessary.

The 5-6 Denver Broncos became available today when the team''s manager, JohnnyMoJo, decided to bow out. Having played in GWJFL''s inaugural season where he went undefeated, JMJ is a long-time veteran of the GWJFL and will be sorely missed. Please send me a PM if you''re interested in taking over this franchise. Thanks. (Yes, existing owners are allowed to change teams if they are not having fun with the one they are currently playing.)

Prospective Broncos owners must be OK with the fact that their team is comprised of chop-blocking scumbags.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much better than the Lions are the Broncos?

Because I might be interested in trying out a goodteam.

My totally subjective opinion:


Broncos=7, maybe 8

Its all for fun, even if you love the Lions, if you''re not having fun, switch.

Well, I''m Lions in 2k5.

This would be *in addition to.

Well if you do take them, Warlock, this week would be a free win for you.

Hey, you know me... I''ll take a win however I can get it!

Sure, sign me up. I know very little about the team, but I''m sure I''ll manage.

Invitation sent. I think you need to login to the xbox to accept.

You may want to PM JMJ and see if he has any pointers for you. Other than that, in lieu of your game this week, fire up the single player and familiarize yourself with the talent on your team.

If you want some multiplayer action, you might post in the GWJFL3 thread to ""introduce"" yourself to the league and see if anyone is able to give you a practice game or two.

I''ll play you Warlock.

I''ll take a team if there''s still room. I mean, hell, last time I was playing the Saints. I am SO used to getting my ass handed to me.

If no teams, please feel free to ignore this. It never happened, seriously, never are getting sleepy....sleepy.....''thunk''.

SM, which team? Check the first post to see what''s available.

"Grumpicus" wrote:

SM, which team? Check the first post to see what''s available.

Seahawks, I guess. Yeah, Seahawks.



Well that was an easy one. Ok, invitation sent. Login to 2k5/XBL to accept. Head over to the current week''s thread to ""introduce"" yourself to the league (i.e. let them know you''ve signed up) and get your game scheduled. It looks like you''ll be playing our other new owner, Warlock.

For the rest of you...

As of 2/24/05, The following ESPN NFL 2k5 teams are now available:
Minnesota Vikings
Oakland Raiders

Wow, busy day. Congratulations to firesloth for being the latest addition to the NFL 2k5 family. He will man the helm of the Minnesota Vikings for the remainder of the season. Welcome and good luck.

As of right now, the Oakland Raiders of the GWJFL3: is the only team available. The only requirements are a good attitude and a proper sense of commitment. Experienced and rookie owners are welcome. Please send me a PM if you''re interested.

Hey all,

Thanks for taking me in. I''ll be up for any practic games all day on Sunday. I''m on the West Coast (San Diego, specifically)...I''m taking my wife to work at 7 am PST and picking her up at 7:30 pm PST, so I''ve got 12 hours of gaming if I want it!



(Gamertag is firesloth as well.)

Welcome Firesloth. Feel free to send me a friend request (Uber Wolf). I should be around Friday and Saturday, and can play you some practice.

As of 3/1/05, there are no teams available. Poppinfresh''s petition to man the helm of GWJFL3''s Oakland Raiders has been granted. Welcome aboard.

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Nice work on keeping the dream alive Grumpy, you rock!

As of 3/6/05, the Carolina Panthers of GWJFL 2005 is available to new ownership. Experienced and rookie owners welcome. Send me a PM if you''re interested.

Certis'' post in between Grump''s is just plain funny.

Thread title indicates Carolina is TAKEN, Grumps.

Whoops. Thanks (though it sorta is... in negotiations, anyway).

Lock will make a good addition. C''mon guys, let''s get those games played!

As of 3/7/05, there are no GWJFL teams available (though one may be soon). Watch this space for further updates.