GWJFL owners wanted (4/9/05: STL [GWJFL 2005] available)


The St. Louis Rams are available in GWJFL 2005. There are only 3 games left and they are unlikely to make the playoffs without winning all 3 but if someone wants to get in for the fun of it, drop me a PM.

The Colts have been spoken for. The Giants and the Rams remain. Previous owners are welcome back provided they can honor the commitment.

Honestly, I''d love to drop the Texans and give the Giants a shot, but that won''t help the league any.

I''ll take the texans from ya if you want to trade.

Another player, great. Fletch send me a friend request and I''ll play you some pick-up games if you need to practice with them.

Same here - this is by far my fave game. Send me a friend request Fletch, my Gamertag is SpyNavy.

"Loganrapp" wrote:

Honestly, I''d love to drop the Texans and give the Giants a shot, but that won''t help the league any.

"Fletcher1138" wrote:

I''ll take the texans from ya if you want to trade.

I''ve got no problem with that. Logan, send me a PM when you drop the Texans and I''ll send you an invite to take over the Giants. Fletch, PM me (or post) your Gamertag and I''ll send you an invite when Logan drop the Texans. You do have ESPN NFL 2k5, right?

"Grumpicus" wrote:

You do have ESPN NFL 2k5, right? ;)

I''m picking up my very own copy just as soon as I can get to the compusa. So if that disqualifies me for this round I understand.

I guess that depends on how quickly you can get to CompUSA. Regardless, if you want to switch over Logan, I have no problem with that.

Go quickly - move move move.

Oh, Fletch... If you don''t want the Texans and would rather have one of the other available teams, that would not affect Logan''s move at all. The Oakland Raiders will probably also be available by the time you get the game.

If any other owners decide they''re tired of their team and want to try another, just drop me a line. This is, after all, the ""casual"" league (meaning that its main purpose is simply to get you an almost-weekly dose of your 2k5 fix ).

How about this: I''m going to have the game by the end of the week at the latest. Why don''t I just take whatever team is left a that time. If there isn''t a team left, then that''s alright too. I don''t want to hold you guys up.

I''m sure there will still be a couple left to choose from.... I believe the Texans have already played their game for this week and the opponents of the others are expecting a bye anyway so it''s no sweat.

The Texans have already played

If by played you mean ""received an ass reaming of a lifetime,"" then yeah, we did that.

I''m in class right now, but in a few hours I''ll be home to take care of the swap.

Oh sure the guy who takes my Colts drops - I see how it is :). Tampa is on a winning streak - gooooo Bucs!!!!


.....received an ass reaming of a lifetime.....

in a few hours I''ll be home to take care of the swap.

Can''t wait to see what that drags into the ""Hello Perverts"" yearly piece.

Okay sons and daughters! I''ve got my copy of NFL2K5 in my slowly drying mittens. Who wants a piece of me first? Huh? Huh?

I am definitely still interested in the Texans if they''re still available. I am also available for a couple of hours of practice before H2 Team Skate tonight. I''ll be on around 7-ish ET.

Fletcher I would be available to gently guide you in the ways of ESPN if you want :). Are you on xfire?

Fletch, I''ll send that invite as soon as Logan drops them. Welcome aboard.

I am now. Fletcher1138.

Invitations sent *2.

The Rams are still available and the Raiders will be very soon.

Edit: Logan, please contact Certis to get the Giants'' game played.

Pigpen.. we need to play our game. I''d prefer tomorrow night before Raven Shield sometime, or very early Friday evening.. like a done before 8pm EST kind of thing

Saturday''s no good, I''m not sure about Sunday yet.

Oh.. and whenever we play it.. be prepared for a pretty boring hour. I''ll get the ball, throw an interception, and then you''ll get a touchdown. Wash, rinse, repeat. So far my personal best record for least interceptions thrown in a game is 5. Yes.. 5. Wee!

Gentle guiding and friendly practice games are most welcome here. I haven''t played much football since 2k1 on the dreamcast. So I''m a little rusty to say the least. I''m not expecting to take the trophy here, I''m just looking to have a good time.

Thin_J, you''re gonna wanna (going to want to ) take it over to the GWJFL3 Week 8 thread. There''s no guarantee that Pigpen will see that here.

Fletcher.. if you want to play a practice game or two I''m all over it. Lord knows I need it.

Also.. Why don''t you use Xfire? Jeebus man.. CONFORM!

Grump, thankee. I suppose you''re right

Fletch received your Xfire invite. I didnt get back on until later in the evening. Enjoyed some time with Mrs. Spy - perhaps we can get a game in tonight if you are available. I think I am playing my League 3 game against Dutty, but perhaps before or after.

Sounds good Spy. I''ll be around after about 7 or so ET.

Ah.. so you do use Xfire and you just don''t like me. I get it.

Fine. Play with someone else Mr. Jerky McJerkerson.

Relax Cabbot. Go eat some chicken or something.

I missed your post. Sorry. Can''t find you on xfire though. What''s your tag?

Always with my lack of smileys. I really need to remember those to point out sarcasm a bit better

Xfire tag is thinj

Rams still open? I got a guy I been playing in leagues with for a while that might be inetrested.