\"Video Games Live\" Kicks Off July 6

With Tommy Tallarico!

Los Angeles – May 3, 2005 – Celebrated video game composers, Tommy Tallarico ( Advent Rising, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Earthworm Jim ) and Jack Wall ( Jade Empire, Myst III: Exile, Splinter Cell ), and Clear Channel Music Group today announced a groundbreaking event tour, Video Games Live, an immersive, audio and video concert experience. Produced by Tallarico and Wall's Mystical Stone Entertainment LLC, and promoted by Clear Channel Music Group, the national tour launches this summer at the world famous Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on July 6. Video Games Live features music from some of the biggest video games performed by top orchestras and choirs across the country combined with video footage, lasers, lights and live action to create an explosive and unique entertainment experience.

Some of the greatest game franchises and music ever created are being showcased including Mario™, Zelda®, Halo®, Metal Gear Solid®, Warcraft®, Myst®, Final Fantasy®, Castlevania®, Medal of Honor™, Sonic™, Tron, Tomb Raider®, Advent Rising, Headhunter, Beyond Good & Evil™, Splinter Cell®, Ghost Recon™, Rainbow Six®, EverQuest® II and even a classic arcade game medley featuring games from Pong® to Donkey Kong®. World class orchestras accompanied by a choir and selected soloists will perform against a backdrop of state-of-the-art video and laser sequences, which are being specially designed for each of the game vignettes with some segments adding live characters on stage.

" Fans of video games are going to be amazed at what we have in store for them. Never before has the music of video games been presented on this scale. Live entertainment is about to evolve," said Tommy Tallarico, co-creator of Video Games Live and one of the top game music composers. "Video games have become one of the most thrilling and electrifying forms of entertainment in the 21st century. We intend to capture that same excitement level to help create the ultimate celebration of video games for everyone to enjoy."

" Video game music is not bleeps and bloops anymore. People are absolutely shocked when they hear this music, " stated Jack Wall, co-creator of Video Games Live and leading game music composer. " This music represents a true art form. The success of this tour will demonstrate to the world that video game music can command the attention of gamers and non-gamers alike. "

Following the Hollywood Bowl launch, where the Los Angeles Philharmonic will perform while lasers light up the Southern California night sky, Video Games Live will travel to such celebrated venues as Red Rocks in Denver, CO, Chastain Park in Atlanta, GA and Tweeter Center in Boston , MA , among others.

"The partnership between our company and Mystical Stone Entertainment will produce a blockbuster tour and unparalleled fan experience," said Brad Wavra, Touring Vice President for Clear Channel Music Group. "There are millions of video game fans in the US , who know and love the games, music and the entire scene, and we believe they will flock to this event."

There will be an additional segment in the show where chosen audience members will compete against each other and play a video game live on-stage. The game will appear on a massive screen while the orchestra plays the music and follows the action in real time.

This sounds like it will be spectacularly stupid, and still somewhat entertaining. If it stops in NYC, I may have to catch it.

It sounds really neat until you read the last paragraph.

"Razorgrin" wrote:

It sounds really neat until you read the last paragraph.

Sounds like this eh?

Damn you Taco, now i''m going to blow 45 minutes reading X-Entertainment again.

I''d actually be interested in checking this out. I REALLY wish the Final Fantasy concert series announces more dates soon. I''m dying to see that live.

I''d wish they''d come to the freaking east coast. Lincoln Center you morons!