Mount and Blade

Duffman wrote:

Don't know if the Last Days has been updated with the new...update..or not. Sieging Helm's Deep, which is in the mod, BTW, would be so amazing. But I'm kind of afraid to update out of concern that the mod might not be playable at all.

From reading the official board they don't have the mod tools out for the latest version of the game so that's definitely a no go. I'm probably going to uninstall my .730 version, reinstall .711 and then copy it to another directory, then patch to .730 so I can have both versions running as I want to try out the Last Days and 100yr War mods.

As a sort of on-topic question, is anyone else having trouble with equipment quests? I got a quest to bring back "4 pike" and the four objects I brought back, all with the word "pike" in their description, don't interest the idiot count.

That's interesting, I've been travelling around trying to find the padded cloth armor for Marnib, found some padded cloth and I'm on my back to give it to him. Hopefully I don't have to find just straight up padded cloth.

I'm kinda in a sticky situation right now in my current save. I'm level 4-5 and heading back to the starting town right now with my party of 10, we are being chased and slowly overtaken by a group of 12 Black Hunters I feel like I'm in for a world of pain when I start back up.

Ditch your party. Ideally, just the lowest level of troop, but if you have to, all of 'em. You move at near 10.0 on your own and rehiring low level troops is cheaper than having your gear stripped anyway.

You should be alright with the padded cloth, by the way. This is the first time I've run into the problem... it must be that one of the pikes isn't labeled as a pike, so I'll go round up so more I guess. I'm now also wishing for a way to cancel a quest.

.731 is out

Fixes the Borscha(sp?) bug among others.

I registered here just to post on this topic. I am having troubles with the game. Mostly that i can not aim the bow to one on horseback. i am loving this game. Though i am getting tired of starting over and over just to keep playing.

-Edit: By the way, does anybody know where i can get the program to edit this game. I want to add my personal touch to my version. I have changed a few words here and there, but want to change some of the images. I can tell you where you can find the gun if you help me....pleeeeaaaase....

Horse archery is one of the more demanding skills. I doubt you'll be able to gather the necessary ranks to truly get effective in it during the six demo levels - personally, I always preferred to invest into pure riding and polearms, anyway.

You can find all mod tools and significantly more detailed strategy tips than we'd be able to give you at the official forums. Enjoy yourself!

Hey thanks for that. I feel pretty stupid to not go searching at the source. Thanks. I usually get my riding up one, one handed weapons up, and then just beat them unconsious and take them as slaves and go sell them. Oh, inside the tavern at the place where you start, right when you walk in turn to your right and inside the chest is a flintlock gun with 40 shots. Enjoy.

I know everyone is busy with Oblivion, myself included, but I noticed that .750 is out.

armagan wrote:

Hi Folks,

Version 0.750 of Mount&Blade is ready for download! This version has few gameplay improvements but to compoansate for that, it has got a lot of polish. If you have been following the suggestions forum, you probably know that rejenorst has been helping us with the voices and I believe you'll agree with me that he has done a terrific job, once you play the new version Smile. Of course the rest of the team have been working very enthusiastically on the game as well, so version 0.750 feels a lot less rough around the edges. Very Happy

I want to thank all our community who have helped the new version so much with their suggestions and feedback, and also many thanks to our dear forum admins (And let me squeeze here a somewhat late welcome to our new admins, Deus Ex, Janus and Archonsod. You guys rule!) And of course let's not forget all those creative mod makers and the brilliant modding tool developers. They keep amazing and inspiring us with their fantastic work!

Being the lazy old me, I haven't maintained a proper changelog, but I'll just write down the changes from the top of my mind, and I am sure you folks will discover those changes I have missed (and the new surprises in the game -hint -hint) in no time!

Here we go:

* Face generator has received an overhaul
* New Launch window
* A proper configuration window instead of the editing the configuration text.
* Automatic render buffer resizing. That means no more "out of static vertex buffer" error for mods (unless you really run out of physical video memory of course.
* Number of Party stacks is not limited anymore.
* Mouse smoothing. (A million thanks to the kind souls who suggested that!)
* Unarmed combat!
* Lots of NPC voices and voice effects!
* Some new sound effects
* Anisotropic texture filtering for sharper looking textures.
* All merchants and taverns have been furnished

And here's the installer for the new version:


Downloaded and installed. Have the day off tomorrow, will probably check it out then.

.750 is starting to look like a real game - it's much more polished. There are also stockpiles of Samurai weapons and armor hidden in this version in chests across the continent. Check out the official forums for spoilers on where they are - the gear is top tier, so it makes flying through the early levels a breeze.

.751, Smiter of Bugs, is out.

Well, seems like I am late to the party again. There was a slashdot post in response to a "lack of innovation" in game design that mentioned Mount & Blade:

Well, I thought I down load it and take a look. Wow, mounted combat has never been like this!
Fortunately, I bought a horse from the beginning and began as a hunter, so started with both good riding and good mounted archery skills. While this game is not polished, the combat is very immersive. The first time my horse came up lame I was furious: "What's wrong? How come I'm so slow"? I was practically kicking a hole in my study floor and I tried to spur my silicon horse to accelerate!

I think its well worth the $18 and any fan of medieval combat should try the free demo. I registered mainly to contribute to the game and to get reminders of updates. Is anyone else out there waiting for this game to mature?

The game, when finished, looks like it could have an Oblivion-like level of detail, depth, and freedom. Unfortunately, it has a Daggerfall level of graphics, which will pretty much doom it at retail.

I loved what I played. At first I was skeptical, mainly due to the graphics, but after I got going, I didn't stop until I hit level 6. Definately something I'll keep an eye on as the development continues.

Thanks for popping this one up! I'll be dloading it tonight to check it out. it sould sVERY much like my kind of game.


Really all the game has going for it is the combat and the horses. Its challenging and very action oriented. You almost always come out of the battle having done something really cool (if you won) like speared a guy between the eyes or chopped a horse out from under a charging enemy.

Like many games it makes a great first impression (which makes for good reviews in general) but lacks depth. The game only amuses you as long as you're into the combat. Once you start to feel it getting repetitive, you'll stop playing because that's all there is to the game.

No story, no characters, bland setting, no artistic style. Its hard to expect more from 2 guys making the game, but they have a fairly large community enamored with the game and they seem content to just let those guys mod their game instead of recruiting them to help improve the base game.

The arena mod and NPC mods are must-haves in my opinion. The arena mod for sure should be completely incorporated into the game. It adds lots of options to the arena like 6v6v6v6 bloodbaths and giving secondary weapons to archers and lancers.

Edit: I wouldn't ever compare the game to Oblivion though. If Bethesda bought the software just to incorporate the combat control and battle size into the game, it would be worth the cost of an Oblivion expansion.

I was commenting that the game has enormous potential. It still has a loooooong way to go to come close to Oblivion's open ended gameplay and depth.

groan wrote:

Thanks for popping this one up! I'll be dloading it tonight to check it out. it sould sVERY much like my kind of game.


Your welcome, I hope you like it as much as I do. I was needing more involved combat after hours of WOW. Terrain is very important so watch where you take your horse. It's easy to get mobbed in a stream by bandits.

There are some highly thought of mods. One of which is a LOTR mod which sounds interesting though I'm still just playing vanilla.

I'm hoping this game makes it to gold or, at the very least, somebody licenses the combat engine.

I am of the same mind as Poly. It has the best medieval combat I have ever seen, but is really just a shell of a game. They have serious plans to make M&B 2 and I hope they begin work on that before too long with some folks to help out with content. Definitely worth the cash I paid to help a talented indie developer, though.

I'll check out the Arena mod for sure and the LOTR mod was one fo the reasons i want to check it out.

I played a game some of you may know called Rune. THAT came had the best melee combat i have ever played in a game ever. i'm acnxious to see what comes out of this one.

They put in an Arena mod for Rune as well, but it was 1-1 or 4-4, if i remember right. it was a real blast.

The Last Days LOTR Mod is pretty fantastic. I think it really helps to add a sense of purpose to the combat. In stead of leading a random army against some random faction, you're leading the Rohirrim against the White Hand. The changes are pretty superficial at best, but it really helps with the immersion.

Add - The LOTR mod includes the arena mod, FYI.

Duffman wrote:

Add - The LOTR mod includes the arena mod, FYI.

Glad you said so before i installed it.

i did see another mod at the mod site called arena expansion. is it the same thing but standalone?
i guess i could ask on thier site, but you guys are much more fun!

.808 was released a few days ago.

Between that and Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II Mod being released for HL2, my Melee itch should be pretty well satisfied for a while.

Sweet! Thanks for the update!

After trying this out over a year ago, I picked it back up yesterday afternoon, and got a good 6 hours of gaming in before sleep at 4!
Wow. What a huge improvement. I'm definitely thinking of paying for full version.

I finally got around to trying Mount & Blade last month and it's very good. The additional user-created content is showing promise, too.

Yeah, thinking turned into paying, and paying will turn into playing here very soon.

New version! .890!

In simply making a character and looking at the new map, I've noticed:
New Loading screens.
New choice of gender.
New skill (Engineering - Used to make SIEGE MACHINES and Castle improvements faster).
Renown - As the son of a minor noble, I got to pick a standard!
Four Kingdoms - Vaegir. Swadian. Norse. Khergit Khanate. All with a capital city and surrounding villages.

That update looks freakin' awesome. I suspect that tomorrow I'm going to be pissed at how little sleep I got.

I still have a Mount and Blade wiki up and running, at Its quite a bit out of date of course, but I'll have to work on that. And hopefully convince others to help me out ;p

Look, I don't want to keep blowing the trumpet here... Wait, Yes I do!

New Mount & Blade release (.901), and if you thought the last one was good, this one will blow. your. mind.

Quests are back in.
You can siege cities.
There's an economy and production values for individual villages.
A new 'Persuasion' skill.
Books. (And I was really worried about the implementation of this from a realism perspective, but why should I have worried? Its done perfectly. The best books cost way more than suit of good armor, are knowledge-skill specific and you have to devote time to them to get any value out.)
People wandering around the villages!

And the best bit, I hear you cry? The map is freakin' huge. Tons of new villages and castles. Plenty of room to explore and conquer.