PhysTraining: Running & Lifting

"Poppinfresh" wrote:

I spend a fair amount of my summer up by Lake Erie, so swimming is a pretty good option for me. I swim... okay... but having swum with competitive swimmers, I recognize that my form could be a whole lot better. Is it worth it to get lessons to become a better swimmer?

Yeah, it probably isn''t worth it to take lessons. Just develop a good feel for the water and watch how other swimmers cut through the water. Once you start feeling more comfortable, start swimming with others and let them know that you''re open for feedback.

"cartoonin99" wrote:

Grapes are really good for something, too

I think grapes are good as anti-oxidants, but really, this is true for a lot of other fruits/vegetables (with exercise, you get more free radicals in your body due to oxidative stress). As for potassium, IIRC since your muscle ion channels are firing like crazy due to exercise, potassium (along with sodium) is an essential ion to replace in your fluids. I haven''t heard about potassium improving reaction time.